Same second "not confirmed dl"

  • I've seen others talk about this problem but I've yet to see a solution. I'm getting "not confirmed dl" showing up with the same time stamp as the "found dl"... When I look at the pool page under current shares my name does not appear when I get the not confirmed message. What can I do?


    Thanks for the time and concern...


  • @mcchurchmouse One of your plots is at zero bytes. Remove it from the folder.

  • @mcchurchmouse Sometimes the "not confirmed dl" message happens when the pool is too busy to send you the submitting confirmation, but other times it happens when the pool reject your deadlines. I've checked your account and you are mining at for your plot size this pool don't fit you perfectly because of the deadline limit allowed (8 days). Probably your not confirmation messages that carried you to in vain search in the pool page for these deadlines simply mean that this ones had been rejected by pool because too high. Check the recommended plot size in the pool overview. I suggest you to change to a better fitted pool: this should be the solution, also your earnings will thank you 😉

  • I am still ramping up my plot files on my new 5tb hard drive. I will end up with ~4.6tb of plot files. Is it better to be a big fish in a small pool or a small fish in a big pool?

  • Oh, and if I switch pools do I still get paid my delayed coin after I switch my award recipient?

  • @mcchurchmouse said in Same second "not confirmed dl":

    Is it better to be a big fish in a small pool or a small fish in a big pool?

    Eheh I think that truth is in the middle: a very big miner in a pool of very small miners will only have shares "stolen" by the others, a very small miner in a big miner's pool have too low shares for an equilibrate payout (you will see real money only when you forge blocks, but that depends on pool rules...) ; but remember that in the VERY long run, statistically, pool and solo mining give the same total earnings, the difference is only in payout frequency... So in conclusion i think that a pool that accept the very most of your deadlines (or a pool of big miners that accept anyway a lot of your deadlines, but in this case you have to do your estimations...), it's well managed and, of course, you like it will be perfect for you! 🙂