Optimized disk configuration for more consistent deadlines

  • Thanks to all of the support from this forum and from Risky and Adam on Youtube I managed to get a very small set of disks up, plotted, and mining.

    Now I have been watching the deadline results in the miner and it is all over the map. Once in a while I get a good deadline number that pays decent, but most of the time it is very high xd deadlines.

    So now I am trying to figure out ways to optimize performance, and if I were to invest in some disks and possibly an array for them what is the most optimal configuration to get the most consistent performance out of the investment? I am looking for recommendations for the best performance.

    Is there any advantage to putting the disks into a stripe set or raid set and plotting a very large space, or is there an optimal plot size that works best? Is it really just a matter of trying to get the best possible read performance from the disks?

    I would love your feedback as I would like to design and build something that is going to get consistent results if possible and maybe even win a block or two. Thanks for your help!

  • @Longsnowsm I think there is no point you putting HDDs in RAID because you can then allocate a plot to each drive, possibly increasing the chance you get by mining a block.

  • @JackManMania So it really isn't about disk speed, but just pure capacity?

  • @Longsnowsm Yes, that is correct. It utilizes your CPU/GPU for the scanning of the drives. The higher the capacity = the bigger the plot = more chance of mining a block 🙂

    Hope this helps 🙂