• I seem to be having issues with this software and really do not know its causes. If I uninstall it and reinstall it, would it result in having problems with my existing information? Thanks.

  • @TonyMarq update your IE and java x64

  • @Blago I have the system on auto updates. I don't use IE, I use Chrome. However, I checked the Windows updates and they are current. I ran the Java Contro Panal update and it too is current.

  • admin

    @TonyMarq The Burst Client uses IE even if you don't. What OS and what problems are you having ?

  • @haitch Win 10. Yesterday, I had issues with the Burst wallet as noted. Later, I did as suggested and updated IE through the W10 update and used my Java Control panel to update Java which showed it was. Unfortunately, at that time, apparently, there were issues at that end too. Thinking the problem was the standalone Burst client software, I downloaded it again and this time, it installed within my C:\user, etc. location. I ran it, but the problem still existed, no updated info. shown nor able to change mining site. I finally said the heck with it and work on it this morning.

    Well, I wasn't sure what was going on this morning , I encountered a host of issues. I could not access anything, not the forum (security page error), not the pool page, the Burst Client screen was blank and my software didn't do any mining all night.

    After trying several things, I gave up and restored my system to where it was back a week ago before doing anything. Now, things are running as they were and of course still getting those annoying drive disk not found issue but at least I'm mining again.

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    @TonyMarq The webpages were down for 12 hours for everyone.

    Here is a solution for your "not found disk" errors:

  • @daWallet I have to try this but need to be careful because I already had a time this morning restoring my drive. Last night I looked into these drive issue and found they're USB transmitters for my wireless Bluetooth and keyboard & mouse. If I do this will it deactivate those devices?

  • @TonyMarq Okay did one, tried and no prob. I'll do the next two after I finish up some work.

    Thank you for the research. As always, appreciated.