Revisiting old plots/mining again

  • I had plotted about 12TB ~2 years ago and had stopped mining for a while, but am in the process of getting back in to it.

    I had used dcct's plotter & miner, but have forgotten some of the mining command syntax (and can't seem to find a 'Readme.txt' for reference.)

    A few questions:

    1. Does the public key I used for the plot generator need to match up with the wallet I'm using now?

    2. Should the command for pool mining be './mine [path to plots]'? (Do I need to specify a port too?)

    3. Pool mining means I shouldn't use a 'passphrases.txt' file, right?

    4. If I set up reward assignment with my wallet, do I need to do anything else? I see that users on the pool can have usernames, but can't figure out how to create one for myself.

    5. Should I even be using the dcct tools, or should I migrate to a newer plotter/miner? (Ubuntu 16.04 w/ multiple GPUs at my disposal.)

    Thanks in advance guys.