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  • How can I keep my Burstcoins safe? I've heard that the creators have access to all the online wallets but are very trustworthy folks. Being a bit protective of my $.77 worth of Burstcoins I would like to know they are under my control alone. I currently have the online wallet and the android app wallet. The downloadable wallet won't work on my computer, it simply says my browser is not up to date and I can't figure out anything from there. How can I keep my Burstcoins under my own control? Thank you!


  • Use an offline or local wallet. There's an app for pretty much every OS. Just need the password to the account.

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    Here is an excellent video how to setup an own wallet instance:

  • @mcchurchmouse The problem you are getting abouth the browser is not updated can be solved updating the Internet Explorer because the client run an instance of the IE xD

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    You can always open the wallet window in every browser you like, when the client or original wallet is running: Just type localhost:8125 in your favorite browser.

  • @mcchurchmouse If you really want maximum security, you can set up a paper wallet :

    @daWallet said in How to maximize wallet security ?:

    I you want to hold your Burst long term, then I recommend a paper wallet.

    Make a new wallet with the recommended 12 words (and add some words if you are paranoid). Write it down on paper or print it out. Fund it with a faucet. Give it a name or do an outgoing transaction. Don't use the passphrase on a daily basis. Don't save it on your PC.

    Check if you can log in in this wallet again with the paper. Do another paper copy or copies of your passphrase and store it in another location.

    Fund your wallet and check it on the blockexplorer: burstcoin.biz

    That's it.

  • The wallet setup running the java script in the background detailed in the video would not work. My machine kept blocking the files and I have no clue how to unblock them in the internet settings (where it tells me to unblock the files). I turned off my firewall and virus scanner and still no good. Now I downloaded "Burst Client For Win v0.3.5" and clicked on "Local Wallet" and am downloading the Blockchain. Have I reached my goal of no one else having control of my wallet? Forgive the stupid questions, I'm doing the best I can to wrap my head around this stuff...


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    @mcchurchmouse As the creator of the primary online wallets, I can assure you your coins are safe. I have access to the wallet - as in the software and encrypted database, but not to any of the accounts on it - they're all protected by your passphrase and there is no way to bypass that. Additionally all communication between your browser/app are SSL Encrypted and unreadable by anyone on the network - including me. The online wallets are as secure as running an instance on your own PC.

  • @haitch Thank you.