[How To] Solve "no disk in drive letter" AIO Wallet

  • Hello everyone :D,
    I finally found what was the issue when trying to Start Mining from the AIO Wallet by @daWallet that I had since I first knew about Burstcoins.

    The issue is not directly with the AIO Wallet, sometimes who know why the F, Windows decides to leave some drive letters like if they were used. You cannot access them, or use this letters; they are called phantom drives, after finding this it was easy enough to search google and solve it.

    alt text

    1. All you need to do, to solve (remove) this phantom disk is open a CMD with admin rights.
    2. Type mountvol <drive> /D so for example in this image there is a phantom drive S, mountvol S: /D
    3. Done!

    After removing all the phantom drives, you will be able to start mining directly from the AIO Wallet without any issues.

    I had 4 of this drives, I always was wondering what was that and finally decided to solve this and without knowing it solved my issue with the AIO Wallet haha :D

  • so what exactly do i click on and type in what where becaseu mine says that the Device/Harddiosk/DR1 doesnt have a disk so what drive is that?

  • @gmoney Sorry nobody answered your question within the last 14 days. For the next person that comes along,
    right click the windows button at the bottom left of your desktop and select "Command Prompt (admin)".
    As for as the above solution, I found it was unrelated to my "there is no disk in the drive..."

  • its fine i i got something to answer on another post

  • @gmoney and what was the answer..? I'm experiencing the same issue every time I either want to change pools, or restart mining. Thanks!

  • @TheCoinDoctor for me it stopped after restarting windows... :) usually restarting only when windows wont give me any other options... so after several updates :) lets say 3-4 times a mont ;)

  • @potkas haha fair enough! Thanks for the tip :)

  • @TheCoinDoctor i looked it up on youtube and found a really simple solution it was literally changing a number from 1 to 2 in a setting or something like that and it fixes it instantly

  • @gmoney would you happen to have the link to the video?

  • @gmoney much appreciated!!

  • @TheCoinDoctor no problem it took me a while to fix the issue to until i came across this video which is a very simple fix!

  • @gmoney definitely! i'm however going to have to wait until my two drives are done plotting before I can complete the fix

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