just had to post this here!

  • Hi everybody
    first post!-) (so please be gentle)

    searching for the cheapest drivespace I found an shop which had obviously made an mistake in their pricing! So I ordered 20pcs!
    And I promptly and happily payed them in advance!-)
    0_1475245772169_HD.PNG kleinmengenzuschlag=small quantity surcharge

    Well, they called me a few days later when they realized. And I think I did hear her sweating a bit on the phone!
    I did not get them in the end! unlucky me!-( Guess I have to pay for my drivespace like everybody else......
    But I had some fun !-P
    Biggest mistake a made: the 8TB ones were 55cents as well!


  • @nixxda is that German? Anyways, that's a bummer. If it's just one, maybe they would send it to you to keep their pride intact. But 20, that's just too much. But, i still expect they give you some kind of compensation. It's their fault in the first place.

  • @jarvis yes german resp. swiss.
    they gave me my money back.
    Rest assured I carefully read their terms and conditions right afterwards! But they explicitly exclude such an mistake.
    But never the less I tried giving them a hard time. So much that I actually thought about tipping them those 20bucks for their sweat!

  • @nixxda hahaha! good one making them work for their money.