-[ANNouncement]- Dynamix takeover - Dynamix 2 formed


    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know the situation with Kitsune's 'Dynamix' asset...

    Over the last few weeks there have been many issues with Kit and his health, and he was in and out of the hospital... During one of these times, he was given something that didn't agree with his system, and thus he became someone not like himself at all...

    This is very unfortunate, as Kit is a really cool person when he is himself.

    We don't know all of the details of what exactly happened, or the specifics of much, really... But what we do know is this...

    1. As of right now, Kit is unfit to run his asset.

    2. Much of the funding from the asset release seems to have either been moved by kit in his 'messed up' state... or are locked in polo which neither his GF or I have access to.

    3. I was able to obtain some assets that he had promised to back Dynamix, and I will provide some more of my own to help compensate for the asset payouts.

    4. Due to kit's absence, I wasn't able to communicate with him in order to get the miners built to back his asset, though I do have much hardware that I've been ordering for my own assets, and I will be dedicating some of the newer miners to Dynamix2.

    What I have done thus far...

    • Created a new account with the name Dynamix 2
    • Moved the assets that we DID gain access to from kit's control, over to the new wallet.
    • Started planning the new mining hardware that will be dedicated to the new asset

    What needs to happen now...

    • All buys and sells of Dynamix on the exchange need to be removed.
    • We need to figure out who has paid more than 100 for the asset, and who was given more assets during the initial redistribution to the initial purchasers that kit did.
    • The people who paid more than (what I think ended up being 66 BURST) for the asset, will need to be compensated.
    • The price of the asset I think should be lower than even 66, so there will need to be yet another compensation round done.
    • Everyone needs to be honest about what exactly they have and what exactly they were given, and what exact prices they paid for the assets they have, so that I can make sure everything is done fairly.

    What will happen after these things are completed...

    • Dynamix 2 asset will be started.
    • All holders of Dynamix will have their shares converted to Dynamix 2
    • A new setup for the payouts of Dynamix 2 will be set, with a solid structure and something that people will have an idea as far as what EXACTLY will pay out the asset.
    • The asset will still be 'Dynamic', but I think transparency is key, so the dynamic nature of the asset will be limited, and there will always be a location you can go to find out what exactly is backing the asset at a given time. The asset will not be able to change what is paying it out, more than 1 time per payout period. If a payout change is going to happen, there will be at least 1 payout period notice given to investors before that change is made.

    Thank you all, please use this thread to explain your Dynamix holdings, and how many you were given in the first redistribution, so that I can figure out how to make sure this is all done in the most fair of manners.

    I apologize for the need to do this, and I hope that kit will eventually become himself again, and potentially can be given small amounts of responsibility at a time, over an extended period of time, until he is able to fully regain his status previous.

    Thanks again and apologies for the need for this to take place.~~

    **Asset ID - 17935222253537512839**
    What currently backs asset is the funding from the various assets in the asset issuer account. More mining power and other wealth generation sources will be backing the asset in the near future. This page is currently the location to find out what currently backs the asset. There will eventually be a website designed where you can track the asset, currently that will be done here.
    Given the name of the asset, the asset WILL be a 'dynamic' asset, meaning that what backs the asset can and will be modified. Though, the changes to the asset will be announced a month ahead of time, and current information on the backing of the asset will be posted.
    To start, the asset will be backed by the asset payouts of the assets in the issuer account, more power and backing will be added.

  • @crowetic Hope he gets better soon and thanks for making this happen man... I have no Dynamix right now so that's not a problem for me, just wated to give you and him my support so if i can help with something you guys and gal let me know! @crowetic @Kitsune @Roses

  • Hope Dynamix gets better soon. I might invest in some assets to help him out 🙂

  • @crowetic sent you a PM in alttech 🙂

  • Hey all,

    Just a quick question, how will the assets be changed over? do we have to pm you our address and asset ammount? Or do we have to post here, how should we go about it @crowetic

  • @crowetic Wish all the best for Kit, and thank you man. I bought 500 shares of the initial release at 100 burst, 600 at 110 burst, and 400 at 120 burst (total : 164,000 burst for 1500 shares). Plus the other amount we discussed on PM. My ID is BURST-PT54-8A45-ZX2L-5426V.

  • I though you had access to this asset, and that's why I bought the first time, as you may know, I never liked the way Kit write about his project in the forums, wrong data and so many fantasies that I have never been sure of what it was done and what it was just an idea.

    I have 290 Dynamix and my account is BURST-M5NK-M24U-8SDM-53TJ2
    Thanks ^_^ and happy you are taking over this asset, was starting to think I've got scammed, again.

  • @crowetic Damn sorry to hear this has turned into such a headache for you, I know you have a lot going on already.
    I bought 275 at the initial price of 100 each and another 100 shares at 120 each.


  • Personally I have...hmmm...lets say, a LOT of Dynamix...and I am not worried at all.

    I know @crowetic will be doing the right thing for all of us. Looking forward to seeing Dymanix grow and us making money 😉

  • admin

    @crowetic Sorry to hear about kit - wish him and his GF all the best.

    I've got 4,905 Dynamix bought at original price.

  • Hi, I have just 15 Dynamix assets on my account BURST-WT7J-2LPQ-ALRU-CGLUH. I don't understando what I have to do. I'm a noob yet, where I can see how much I've paid for it?

  • @JotaJota Actually, I think I've paid 110 each. But don't know for sure. Waiting to know how to proceed.

  • @JotaJota If you want to know the exact price, go to your wallet, in the transactions section, filter on bid order placement and click on your transaction number to see the details 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ Thanks Tenshinhan! That's what I have folks:

    Type: Bid Order Placement
    Asset Name: Dynamix
    Quantity: 15
    Price: 110 BURST
    Total: 1'650 BURST

  • Banned


  • @Zeus said in -[ANNouncement]- Dynamix takeover - Dynamix 2 formed:

    I though you had access to this asset, and that's why I bought the first time, as you may know, I never liked the way Kit write about his project in the forums, wrong data and so many fantasies that I have never been sure of what it was done and what it was just an idea.

    Yeah, that's why I had to put a stop buying Dynamix. I bought some at the start then didn't buy anymore. The way Kit talks with me on PMs is strange. I'm always checking out if he's really with Crow or not, but I see his name on BSilver so I don't think he is scamming but I just don't like the way he talks. I hope he gets better soon and get back to himself again.

  • @crowetic @Kitsune @Roses I'm sorry to hear this news, and I wish him a speedy recovery. Crow, PM will be sent soon regarding my Dynamix holdings.

  • @Propagandalf said in -[ANNouncement]- Dynamix takeover - Dynamix 2 formed:

    PM will be sent soon regarding my Dynamix holdings.

    Still calculating millions, i would guess XD

  • okay, so I do assume that anyone that paid the initial release price, also got the 50% bonus that kit said he sent out. please let me know if you did or did not get the extra assets.

    I'm going to need a little time to figure out how exactly to work this... but what is going to happen is...

    • There will be a new asset started, and all current holders will get the same amount in the new asset, to start.
    • Then I will figure out what else is owed, and send out extra assets to cover what we find to be a fair amount.
    • I think the price should only be somewhere around 25 BURST for the first release, and since it was so screwed up from the beginning, we've gotta come to a conclusion on how to work this out. Some people got extras and some didn't, I don't even know if the people who were buying from asset release account were the ones that got extra, or if everyone did...

    So please let me know if you received any bonuses or not as well, and we'll figure out what is fair.

    I think the easiest way might be just to tell me how much total BURST you spent, and we can divide up the percentage invested, and figure out how many of the new asset based on percent spent the people will get.

    I'm also thinking that the total amount of assets will be decreased, from 2 million to 1 million, so a percentage will definitely be the easiest way to figure out who should have what and how many.

    So yea, please every investor, just tell me how much BURST you spent, whether you paid for it from the release account or bought it on the market, then we can figure it out easier I think.


  • @crowetic I only got 198 dynamix at 120 to 130 burst. And i didn't receive any bonus. I bought from Kit directly.