just a few questions i can't find the answer to.

  • hi everyone i've been mining now for a few months and not had to ask any questions as you can find everything you need right here or on youtube to get you up and running with the wallet, big thumbs up to this forum. any way ive progressed to plotting with a gpu plotter and mining with jminer and this is where i have a couple of problems.

    im running an amd 6 core with 16 gig of ram and amd sapphire 7850 with 2gig graphic card

    1/ when i plot with the gpu plotter are my plots optimized or do i have to edit a script to make sure they are.
    2/ i have plotted 6tb 904gb but im only showing 4.6tb on the pool why is this?

    3/ my plots don't show up when i try to mine them with my wallet and i can't find the right file to edit to tell the wallet where to find them.
    4/ when i'm plotting with the gpu its starts to plot writing and around 47000 nonce/min then after about 15-20 mins this drops to around 6000, what can i do to stabilizes this?


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    1. If you use the GPU plotter in Direct mode rather than Buffered - they're optimized. What is one of the filenames in your plot ?
    2. Unless you use Blago's miner, the capacity reported by the pool is an estimate/guess.
    3. Edit jminer.properties - modify the "plotpaths" setting.
    4. If you're plotting in Direct mode - ignore the stats, they're totally wrong. The plotter builds the complete plot file, then fills it in with the real data - during the building phase, which can take hours, the time estimates keep increasing because you're using time, but not creating nonces - once it starts filling in, the estimate will get better, but is still totally skewed by the building the file time. My plots start at arounf 1,000 Nonce/Minute, end up around 20,000 Nonce/minute.

  • @haitch ok thanks for your reply i guess i'll have to replot as they were plotted using the buffer method, i'm not sure what you mean by file names as it is only a file with my id and so on attached to it. 12950422467638988261_0_7420000_20000
    i know how to change the jminer properties but its the file for the wallet Blago's miner i can't find i know its in the appdata folder but not sure which one to edit, i have found some files to change and edited them but still not showing in Blag's miner.

    thanks for your help its much appreciated.