[PRE-ANN] BurstCasino

  • Hello everyone, this is not a new asset, but a new name, for my asset Burst Games, yep, Burst Games become Burst Casino, this is a pre-announcement as the code isn't finished, but this is the first preview for everyone that has asked me about the progress of the new version, I've talked about this version like 3 weeks ago in the chat and since then many users were wondering how it's going on, I must say everything is going well and advancing pretty fast now that the decentralized server is almost finished.

    What to expect in this new version:

    • New Design
    • Decentralized Server & Database
    • Own custom wallet address
    • Customizable client seed
    • Own server seed, randomizable
    • History for bets & transactions
    • New name (Burst Games to Burst Casino)
    • Username not linked to a wallet address
    • Roll higher or lower
    • Chat
    • Sound and keyboard shortcuts
    • Withdraw limit of 1000 burst and 5 burst fee for withdrawals
    • Improved speed for the client and server

    Extremely happy to show you the first preview of Burst Casino and I want you all to test it already haha.
    For every user that own burst games assets, I will look a way to transfer them to the new name when I'm closer to the release of this version, you won't lose your assets or incomes ^_^

    Have a great day everyone and I hope you enjoy the video 🙂 Sorry about the audio I need to buy a new headset it seems! haha

  • admin

    @Zeus The new version looks very promising ... awesome work! 'so fun' 🙂

  • @luxe Thank you ^_^ I did the first version in a rush and was never happy with the final result, this one I'm happy about it and how it is doing so far 😃

  • Very nice work Zeus, seems like you have been busy. The chat feature is very promising, no casino without the social part 😉

  • @Zeus Groundbreaking !
    alt text

  • EDIT: fixed nvm :p

  • @Zeus Holy macaroni! Nice job from my favorite diety XD

  • @BurgerBaron @Gadrah_ @jervis Thanks a lot ^_^

  • Great stuff! 🙂

  • Hello @all, just a quick update, the progress is going superb, the deposits are working fine with the decentralized wallet and server, and I've finished the manual betting.

    I will need some testers for Burst Casino, if you are interested just let me know, this time, it will work a little different than with burst games, during this tests, you will receive a FAKE amount of 100'000 Burst, so you have plenty to test out the betting system. That amount will not be available to withdrawal and when the tests are finished, your tester account and anything left in it will be erased.

    The main reason for this test is the performance, I have tested with 250 simultaneous connections that made a bet, to test the performance, it was almost not noticeable at all, but I want to know how it will perform with real users.

    You will be helping to deliver a product up to the standards and also take a taste of the first version of Burst Casino.

    For now, the chat is not implemented; I will take a look at that part after I finish the automatic betting but will not be required for the first section of the testing.

    PS: If you have tried Burst Games it's even better, I want to know what you experience in Burst Casino based on what you already knew about Burst Games.

  • @Zeus Happy to help testing as i done with Burst Games... Let me know!

  • Man, I need this done! Love to gamble a little bit.

  • @Zeus I can help with tests 🙂

  • @Zeus Hey let me know if you need more testers 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ sure and thanks guys for your help I will contact you soon with the Url to enter the site. Anyone that wants to join there's a place does you hehe 😃

  • Hello everyone, for the testers here is the link when we are going to continue the discussion: https://discord.gg/KJKfw anyone can still join ^_^

  • @Zeus When I click the link, it says the invitation has expired

  • @Gadrah_ ups forgot to set it to never expire haha, here's the new link : https://discord.gg/KJKfw ^_^

  • @Zeus Well now I've got an error 502 (bad gateway) haha

  • @Gadrah_ it seems that discord is having trouble because I cannot write on the chat now o.o'