Asset Making

  • Hey people,

    I am looking at creating an asset and decided to come to you for your ideas! What would you like to see in a asset? How much would you want me to charge for the asset? How is the asset going to benefit us?

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  • Wow .. where to begin ...

    First of all, when you create an asset you're selling a talent that you have. How can i ask of you to create a forex trading asset when you don't know jack shit about forex? I'm sorry to be so harsh on you but i have no choice. You don't ask people what they want in an asset and what kind of assets to create...

    The real question you have to ask YOURSELF is: do i have any talents that can make money? And only if you have a positive answer to the question, then make an asset.

    And take a look at my profile. If i don't support all good assets, i don't know who the hell does around here. I even gave a ton of advice that helped some asset managers, and created concepts that are soon to be implemented by others, but until you can tell me you're good at something other than sex (i tried to sell that talent... hard to do online 😛 ) , i'm not sure what else to say.

  • PS: you seem like a really nice guy with good intentions. I lashed out at you because i want to motivate you. Find your talent!