BURST Browser

  • Greetings fellow BURSTer's,

    Today, I have an announcement! I am developing a Web Browser for BURST. The aim is for BURST to be run on it's own network, just like TOR. It will be decentralised, secure, encrypted and completely anonymous. Proxy Servers and VPN's can be setup, so that you can access BURST in heavily protected countries. All of this can help to secure BURST payments and make sure that they cannot be intercepted. The browser will come will many features that even the leading browsers don't allow you to customize. And to keep the Network running, users can deposit a small amount of BURST for the amount of data they use. Let's say per 500Mb = 10 BURST? By doing so, we are strengthening the value of the coin, while creating a new payment type which online stores could use! If you are willing to support the project, please donate to the following address: BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6. All donators will be mentioned once the Project is complete and will receive a 'Thank You' message from my behalf. Please help this project become a reality, as it can help us a lot in the long run. (All donations goes towards the project and the resources that it needs to run properly.)

    Thanks for your time,

  • @JackManMania How Goes The Project? Sounds Like Something I Could donate to

  • We donated to this interesting project.

  • @scorch142 Yes, please do. By doing so, you are helping me run servers and paying for things which I need for development 😃

  • @adsactly Thank you very much. All donations are greatly appreicated!

  • im hesitant to give this a try because of the controversy that surrounds TOR, and blacklists yada yada... but i did download it. any screens of it in action, perhaps a video that proves its just as "Anonymous" as TOR?
    Can i access .onion url's with this browser and not be logged? The concept sounds amazing, but i wanna be sure before diving into something like this.