Burst pool config

  • Hello All,

    Finally I did setup my own Burst mining pool with 0% fee (pool.dogeserver.net:8081) but I do have some question and hope some here who also operate their own pool can answer these questions:

    1: If I am the only one mining at my own pool, is that become the same if I would do solo mining right?

    2: How to configure correctly my pool related to the payments? When I started my pool, I sent coins to the pool burst address because I have seen that console showed a message "Pool does not have enough balance for payouts"

    So once there was coins on the pool address, this message went away. However, I started to mine on my own pool, and the pool paid me almost all the coins back, even if there was no block found.

    What I need to set in the config file to make sure my burst wallet is not purged when/if some other miners connect to my pool?

    3: My understanding is that when and only when a block is found by the miners, the pool address gets the rewards, and then that coins will be used to pay the miners, right?

    Sorry if these questions seem to be simple but I do not finding anything related to these online.

    Once all setting are correct, I will do a Bust Coins give away (150000 Burst in total) for the peoples who helped me and the miners who help me to test my pool 🙂



  • admin

    First of all ... another pool nice!

    I'm do not know to the pool-software, but ...

    1. Sure all except the pool fee, will be paid out to miners, so if you are the only one, you will get it all. And the Fee is of cause also yours, so ...
    2. Well just a guess, but the pool will try to do payouts ... and it is just correct that you got the "Pool does not have enough balance for payouts" message. As is had no BURST, nothing to worry about i guess.
    3. Thats right ... only if you find a block miners can get paid ... but i think if you e.g. transfer BURST to the pool account ... this will also be paid out. The payouts are calculated by earned shares of miners based on their committed deadlines. Depending on the earned shares the pool accounts burst will get distributed. But i do not know the exact details.

    Added the pool to Network Overview ... http://util.burst-team.us:8888 (Currently it is displayed as 'WALLET', cause you have no target deadline defined.)

    About 'targetDeadline' ... thats the min. deadline miners are allowed to commit, to earn shares ... so you should think about define it (guess somewhere in the config) ...

  • @luxe

    Thank you.

    I have added the keyword now into the config file with a value, however since there is no documentation on this, I am not sure if this is the correct keyword.

    Can someone confirm the keyword to set the targetDeadline?

  • admin

    @Jumper I looked into the config file ... guess the 'targetDeadline' is called 'poolDiff' there.

    Also this thread may help you:

  • @luxe

    I have seen this topic but cannot see anything related to targetDeadline.

    On the other hand, I have the following in my conf file:

    poolDiff : 1000000

    That was there by default.

    PS: I see a miner in my pool: Thanks. You are added to the Coins give away list 🙂

  • admin

    Yes you are right poolDiff seams to be something else ... looked for 'targetDeadline' in the code, but could not find anything ... guess you have to wait for other already using this pool, to help you configure that value.

  • Excellent. I see some payment that went out:) And in the wallet, something called Forged balance, so it seem that works perfectly.

  • @tross

    Hello tross, blago,

    Do you know how to set the targetDeadline in the pool config?

  • @Jumper I think it was in burst pool.js

    I look in the morning to make sure!

  • @Jumper burst-pool-session.js

    if (!error3 && res3.statusCode == 200) {
         var miningInfo = JSON.parse(body3);
         result.status = true;
         result.msg = miningInfo;
         miningInfoCache = miningInfo;

  • @Blago Thank you.