3 cpus mining help

  • I have more than 3 computers so i want to know what is the best way to mine on one wallet two or as many computers as i have or what?"

  • admin

    @graveyardking Plot on each PC's drive - make sure the plots don't overlap.

  • @haitch is right, you may have some deadline submission issues, if PC2 finds a personally better deadline but worse than one submitted by PC1 or 3 you might be penalized by the Pool Server if it happens to often....

    Just to elaborate and show non-overlapping plots I'll show what is meant by exmaple

    PC1 100gb plot: wplotter <yourId> 0 409600 <staggerSize>
    PC2 100gb plot: wplotter <yourId> 409600 409600 <staggerSize>
    PC3 100gb plot: wplotter <yourId> 819200 409600 <staggerSize>

    This creates three plots, one on each PC of 100GB that do not overlap that are continuous. Hope this helps explain how to create plots that do not over lap that span multiple PCs.

    Hope This Helps,


  • I would save electricity put or connect all hdd to one computer and use the other 2 to plot other hdd!

  • I use 3 PC's but They're in different locations (different zipcodes). I'm decentralizing my mining. 🙂 I just remote access the two. Make sure that the plots don't overlap, also the Drive letters are not the same (if you're using the same wallets for all). 🙂