Update On BURST Browser - 02/10/16

  • Hey there,

    As many of you may know, I have been working on a project that can revolutionize BURST, and make it's value significantly increase. Throughout today, I have lost code, meaning that I have to start again and just keep working at it. I have spent the best part of 3-4 hours tweaking things so that the browser is now usable. Some features I have included are:

    ► Tab Function
    ► About Section
    ► UI Re-Design
    ► Use Of All Browser Buttons

    Some features still need to be added/worked on, such as:

    ► VPN Connector
    ► Change Proxy Server
    ► Change DNS

    I plan to release an 'Alpha' version of the BURST Browser so that the community can play around with, and to see if there are any bugs.
    I would like to thank the following people for donating:

    If you would like to donate, however little or small, please send it to the following address: BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6

    Screenshots of latest development:



    Thank you for reading this post and see you in the next update! 😃

  • I can see the future ... Time to buy more Burst Coins 😃

  • @Castiel hahah, why do you want more?

  • @JackManMania Expecting them to go up with this Release xD

  • @Castiel I hope indeed. I am setting up the bonus things through people's donations. Please spread the word over Social Media xD lol

  • @JackManMania When is the Alpha version expected to be released ?

  • @Castiel within the next week or so once I have finalized and added some more features 🙂

  • interesting i see many new apps coming up for burstcoin!

  • Question?! What will the browers do for Burst?

  • @Kenwood yes. I hope so too

  • @bvadams1835 allow people In restricted countries to access BURST

  • @bvadams1835 This browser idea can become a real huge help decentralising Burst, if every browser instance could be a full node (LOCALWALLET) and if this happens to be possible to implement it could be possible that every install of the browser could work as a proxy for the own decentralized browser network...
    This way the browser network will grow as long as the whole Burst Network... This can benefit a lot the two projects and turn them into one hahaha, besides all the features i see it can be some big support for all Burst Projects, including decentralized clouds, de-centralised domains and e-mails...
    I can see this turn into something really huge and that will of course benefit the two networks throught the infinite xD

    @JackManMania you should put a link for this thread in the other post and vice-versa so people could have easy acess to all Info and i believe you should use the same post for all the updates but you make it the way you believe it's better xP

  • @gpedro Thanks for explaining that. I might use the same post again for convenience.

  • @JackManMania Sure... Like i said to you i help with wich i can xD

  • @gpedro I just remembered a coin that could be mined when you're visiting their facebook page. I hope this could be installed with a built-in faucet-like app or whatever that as long as users use this browser, an X amount of burst is given to them in line with the X amount of time. Sick huh? You also have to monetize this to make it last forever. 🙂

  • @jervis I love the idea but i don't know how to monetize that xD Maybe tomorrow i wake with some idea regarding to that matter hahahaha just like i woke up today with this idea for this project xD

    I believe this could be done with something like the ebesucher project but this one directly related to our projects, but that is something really hard to pull of (at least for me xD) and i believe this can be something that could be done with some site just like the ebesucher instead of be some functionality of the browser, but as all Burst services this could be in there too of course...

  • I do believe it's a good idea a "Burst" browser, but I don't get why people would pay to use this browser when we have already the tor browser that it's free and even extensions for chrome or firefox that has free proxy and allow to access any blocked content from anywhere in the world.

    What is the advantage of this browser? I know we all want to support the community but we need to bring innovative things or at least a real alternative of what already exists ^_^

    And another question, one image says Built for Windows, does that mean the browser will only work for Windows or there will be a version for Linux and mac too?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • @Zeus I don't believe in people paying to use this too, i just think this can benefit a lot the community, the way of monetizind the project will have to be reviwed in the future for sure... I think we can build services that can support the needs of the browser, and the browser contribute itself for the grow of burst and for the grow of it's own network...

  • Is this a paid-to-use browser? I have the idea of while using this browser we are earn burst through a faucet or an ad revenue. Not like eubascher or whatever its name that it has to be run like a boss whole day and eating too much resource (Bandwidth) outside the United States. well, just an idea. If the developer pulls this off, it's gonna be a good one.

  • @jervis another post in the forum about this says an example, you pay 10 Burst for 500 MB of use, so yeah it's a paid to use.

    @JackManMania said in BURST Browser:

    Greetings fellow BURSTer's,

    Today, I have an announcement! I am developing a Web Browser for BURST. The aim is for BURST to be run on it's own network, just like TOR. It will be decentralised, secure, encrypted and completely anonymous. Proxy Servers and VPN's can be setup, so that you can access BURST in heavily protected countries. All of this can help to secure BURST payments and make sure that they cannot be intercepted. The browser will come will many features that even the leading browsers don't allow you to customize. And to keep the Network running, users can deposit a small amount of BURST for the amount of data they use. Let's say per 500Mb = 10 BURST? By doing so, we are strengthening the value of the coin, while creating a new payment type which online stores could use! If you are willing to support the project, please donate to the following address: BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6. All donators will be mentioned once the Project is complete and will receive a 'Thank You' message from my behalf. Please help this project become a reality, as it can help us a lot in the long run. (All donations goes towards the project and the resources that it needs to run properly.)

    Thanks for your time,

    I too had an idea of a Burst Browser, but mine was about paying the user to use the browser, not the other way around.

    I never found a proper way to do it without finding people that want to advertise inside the browser and all that, so I stopped my idea for the moment.