Maker Faire San Diego

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    The other day the family and I decided to get out of the house and do some exploring. We heard of this DIY fair thing at Balboa Park and want to see what is was all about. So we gathered our hats, cameras, good walking shoes, and headed out. We had no idea what this was. It could have been a secret Illuminati meeting for all we knew and were walking directly into a den of trouble.

    Parking is normally very bad at events at Balboa Park. Sometimes it can take an hour just to find parking. Which is why we left from the house early in the morning. There is nothing more defeating than to drive around in the hot sun, with very little A/C, and while draining your gas. To our surprise, we found a lot of parking. We knew we were early but started to question if were too early to the event. Oh well, at least we get to walk around without rubbing shoulders with people we don't know.

    We found parking near a tree that granted us a small amount of shade for the car. During a hot day, parking under a tree is like winning the lotto in my opinion and we knew the rest of the day was going to be a good one. Once parked, we got out of the car and started our little adventure.

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    Balboa Park is an amazing place to visit. It's this massive rectangle area near downtown San Diego. The park has many old, sometimes rare trees, and unique groves folks can go and explore. The park was first created back in 1835 which makes it one of the oldest places in the US dedicated to public recreational use. During the early 1900's The buildings were created using California Mission Revival Style architecture for the buildings and featuring "human progress" as the theme. Which is why some of the buildings have statues of naked women, bent over, holding up these part of the building. How they got away with that back in the day is beyond me. More about Balboa can be found here. We like to go whenever the museums are free or just to walk around and enjoy the scene. If you suffer from allergies, I'd recommend taking some meds before going. Different times of the season, there are numerous flowers blossoming at different stages.

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    We first headed to the little shops that offer art and an assortment of unique little-crafted items. It's a unique area for sure. The walkways have various colors and the walls and buildings have an adobe mesa feel to them. The area It reminds me of an old Spanish mission. We noticed they were still setting up and getting ready for the day. So we decided to head out and further our exploring of the event by visiting the main part of Balboa Park.

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    As we walked towards the main area we decided to go check out the pond area. A few years back there was a get together that got a little out of hand and a few people decided that jumping into the pond and splashing around would be fun. The end result was the pond had a lot of damage and a lot of the qui fish died. The park since then has been actively growing the plants and fishes back to a healthy state.

    After checking out the pond and fish we headed over to the center of the park. We discovered there wasn't much going on and the sun was beginning to bake us. I knew he had a limited amount of time left before my wife and son would begin to complain. Part of my teen years was growing up in a desert climate so I'm ok with hot weather. While at the center of the park we notice this giant gray thing off to the side. We decided to go check it out.

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    My son is in robotics at his school and apparently likes it very much. I tend to think he likes the class because a large majority of his friends are in the class too. So, when he saw the large robotic machine, I can tell it sparked a little interest in him. After all, it looked like a giant metal spider! Personally, it reminded me of that metal spider in that movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith and Kevin Klien. The machine used a series of cranks, gears, and hydraulics to move it around. We also noticed a group or storm troopers watching the machine and waiting to get a good photo of it.

    After checking this out we decided to head back to the car. All the vendors were still setting up and I wanted to get back to watching the 🙂 Overall it was great getting out and enjoying the weather. Thank you for checking out my little blog post.

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  • Wow, makes me want to go there ! We are already getting the coats out in my area, the shitty weather's coming back. Also we need to take over this robot and make it the Burst war machine for world domination

  • @Gadrah_ You should definitely come. The weather is almost always perfect here.

    lol maybe instead of the robot we can do this. I actually thought about paying for it but it's supper pricey and it doesn't last long.

    oohh, Maybe a drone that zooms around with a banner that reads "Mint your own coin, Join"!

  • Thats dope!!!! i have homies out in SD I was there 3 time 2 months ago!!!! Gotta love the weather

  • @Adeptus I've lived in a lot of places and in many different climates. The socal area has by far the best weather. 🙂

  • @socalguy Actually, it's not as big as this sky advertising but I had thought about creating burst stickers and selling them on the marketplace... Good idea or not ?

  • @Gadrah_ lol I was thinking the same thing the other day. You should go for it. Start small

  • @socalguy We could speak about that together if you want. I'll PM you 🙂

  • @socalguy For sure SD has the best climate in the whole us including Hawaii!!!! I love it out there. Hopefully ill be moving there before too long

  • @Adeptus I bet you miss the carne asada fries. 🙂

  • Honestly Ive never had the carne asada fries out there. Ill def try that next time now that you say it though. I bet their off the chain!!! Ive had carne in LA though and damn that sht is ridic!!! I miss the PHO HOA the most. That's my spot

  • @Adeptus Carne Asade Fries will change your life. 🙂

  • @socalguy What is carne asade fries? i believe it's a portuguese plate LOL We have roasted meat in here and its called "carne assada" and i believe who brought the tradition to there just implanted the fries on the dish because you USers love too much french fries hahaha

    I am talking about the same thing or is just a coincidence that the name it's pretty close? Here we eat that or with fries or with rice and it's pretty good, specially the one my grandmother do... I'm even getting my mouth full of water right now hahaha

  • @gpedro I think the word Carne Asada is of spanish decent so I'm sure it's also over there too. 🙂

    Carne Asada is everywhere over here. We put it on almost everything. 😃

  • @socalguy Oh ok it's not the same thing hahaha, the one i say it has much more good looking ahahah specially the one my grandmother does xD i will take a picture when i eat that again to show you... You know what they say grandmother cooks are the best hahaha