Attn Chile Heads ......

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    One of the things I do in my "spare" time (yeah, right) is grow Chili Peppers - exotic, extremely hot, Chili Peppers. One of the things I then do with the Chilies is make Salsa. My salsa comes in two styles - Mild (which normal people call Hot/Extremely Hot) and Not Mild. Not Mild is, as it's name might suggest, a spicy Salsa (normal people don't eat Not Mild for fear of lingering, painful, death). It is not a commercial, over the counter kind of Hot Salsa - it's my style Hot Salsa. It's possibly the hottest thing you'll eat in your life hot. It's possibly qualifying as a poor life choice to eat this level of Hot Salsa. It's probably a "What Was I Thinking" for creating this kind of hot. This is I'm not allowed to cook it in the house hot. (Boiling vinegar and the world's hottest chili peppers - what could possibly go wrong?)

    So who wants some ? 😃

    Ingredients: Salt, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Chopped Garlic, Cilantro, Pineapple, Onions, Tomatoes, and chilies, lots and lots of chilies, some fresh, some freshly smoked in Apple and Hickory, including: Carolina Reaper (Guinness World Record holder for Worlds Hottest Chili), 7 Pot (named so because one pepper can flavor 7 pots of stew - this one pot has more than thirty 7 Pots), Australian Lantern (Small but mighty - there's about 100 of them), the Hot Chile Lantern (Australia Lanterns bigger, fleshier brother), Hungarian Black (Not really spicy but colorful) and Limon (Not very spicy, but adds a nice citrus flavor).

    Your taste buds will savor the flavors of the different peppers and the citrus notes - at least they will in that moment before they curl up in the fetal position in the corner of your mouth whimpering quietly .......

    As I've cooked more than I can eat, I've decided to share the love, and the heat. I have 10 pints of Mild and 15 pints of "Not Mild" - each pint is 25,000 Burst, which includes shipping in the continental USA - if you're outside the US, yes I will ship to you, but contact me for shipping rates. All jars have been water bath canned to ensure sterility of the product. Send the Burst to BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U then PM me with shipping address, flavor you want and Burst Account number so I can verify payment.


    Fresh Chilies Fear the Reaper ...... Work in progress .... finished product. Fresh off the plant Smokey Googness

  • @haitch My mouth is literally salivating right now. Those ingredients look tasty! How long will the salsa last?

  • Holy hell LOL!!!! Can I buy some of this in the future???
    Ive have maddog hot sauce and ghost chilli wings but this looks FIRE!!!! and quality!

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    @socalguy It's water bath canned, so will last pretty much forever sitting on a shelf. Once opened, refrigerate, and it'll be good in there for a long time. I still have a couple of jars of stuff that scares me, but I HAVE to eat every now or then, that's been in the fridge for over two years.

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    @Adeptus Pitiful Ghost Peppers ......... 😉 There's 25 pints available, if there is interest I can do another batch this season - and maybe a second if the weather stays ok. And yes, it's fire - I had a small sample while it was cooking, by lips were still buzzing an hour later ......

  • @haitch Lmao this looks so dangerous !! Too bad I don't eat spicy but your post was so funny hahaha

  • I would def be interested!!! I know a few ppl that like really hot suff as well

  • @haitch haha I'm scraping together all the personal Burst I can afford right now! If I can pull this off I'll get some! It will go well with my Migas!

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    @Gadrah_ Dangerous no - I've not killed anyone with the salsa yet - that said, it is not recommended for the young, the elderly, or anyone with a heart condition - there is some serious heat in these peppers. On the Scoville Scale (used to measure pepper hotness) Jalapenos are 2,500 - 10,000. 7 Pots are 1 Million, Carolina Reapers are 2 Million +.

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    @Adeptus I'll discount for bulk orders 🙂

  • @haitch If only it's edible for me. I will die even from the look of that. But, that's a great thing you got going on. I love planting but plants dont love me. They love zombies more, i think. XD

    OMG! I'm really in the negative zone right now. I regret coming here and watch all those chiliness! XD

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    @jervis Jervis, start chili training - start with the mild, work your way up to Not Mild ..... 😃

  • I would buy one, but if I buy it I will be left with 0 burst.

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    @kikiyai Alternative coins accepted, and I'll honor ship - I'll ship now, you pay later.

  • $18.99 is not a bad price at all!!! I'm super broke right now that why I asked about getting some in the future but I will most likely be contacting you after I get a copule HDD's added in BURST setup. Also I'd rather pay upfront so there's no problems but I really appreciate the offer!!!!! Much Respect!!!

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    @Adeptus As I said to @kikiyai - I'll honor ship - I'll send it now if you undertake to pay later.

  • With me timing is always unknown cause I'm doing so many things between mining and gambling and music and everything else

  • The first one uploading a youtube video eating a substantial amount of haitch's "what was i thinking" salsa, will get a nice donation from me 😃

  • @BurgerBaron how much?

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    @BurgerBaron LOL - I'll contribute to that as well.

    @socalguy - how does 50,000 Burst for eating the whole pint sound ?