The Burst Asset Exchange is a built-in peer-to-peer exchange into the Burst Wallet. It allows fast, secure, and decentralized trading of Burst Assets. Because of its (Asset Exchange) decentralized nature, there's no need for outside organizations or agencies to meddle with its affairs. There’s a wide range of application for potential investments or trades in Asset Exchange due to the fact that Burst Assets could be used as a token for almost anything with value.

    Shares in an Asset is an equivalent to an entitlement of ownership over the Asset you have invested in. A person who buys a portion (percentage) of an Asset’s capital becomes a shareholder and as such is entitled to a share of the Asset's profits.
    Shares that are bought are able to be traded on the Asset Exchange. This can be done for many reasons such as to make your investment liquid, to swap into another product or Asset, or to realize a capital gain on the sale of the share as the market price is higher than the price you paid for the Asset.

    There are many benefits to owning Asset shares which make it an investment well worth adding to your investment portfolio in the Burst Universe. Listed are 5 advantages of investing in Asset shares:

    1. Capital growth
      A long term objective of Asset share investment is to take advantage of capital growth. This occurs when an individual experiences significant capital gains from the shares they possess through increases in share prices. Some Assets also issue free or bonus shares to their shareholders as another way of passing on company profits or increases in their net worth.

    2. Dividends
      Ownership in an Asset entitles you to ownership of their net profits. Assets honor this entitlement to their shareholders in the form of dividends.

    • Another dividend approach used by some Asset Issuers is to have a portion of its dividends reinvested in the Asset. In this philosophy, additional shares are issued to shareholders, aside from paying out dividends in Burst.
    1. Liquidity
      By their nature, Asset shares are a very liquid product. They can be bought and sold quickly on the Asset Exchange platform. Trading on Asset Exchange also allows you to sell part of your share parcels rather than having to redeem the whole lot.

    2. Diversification
      Different Burst Assets have different characteristics, volatility and are affected by different circumstances. To minimize risk and maximize return, diversification of Assets is essential to achieving a return on your portfolio as close as possible to your target. In order to diversify your investment portfolio, you will probably have part of your Bursts invested in different Asset markets. Asset shares can be purchased through the Asset Exchange.

    3. Shareholder Benefits
      Some Assets offer/could offer/should offer/would offer benefits to shareholders when they use the services of the Asset or its subsidiaries (i.e. pools, faucets, gambling sites, marketplace, commissions, et cetera). In theory, a minimum number of shares need to be held to qualify for these benefits.

    A simple walkthrough made for beginners and advanced members alike. This should provide an elementary step-by-step guidelines on how to acquire/buy assets:

    This is another simple walkthrough on how to sell your assets for whichever purposes you have in mind:

    As an investor/aspiring investor, we should first invest in our mind. We ought to protect our investments. These are the links where we can do research on the Assets that we have our eyes set on:

    Also, here's a link where a WARNING from the community where Assets have gone rogue (scam):

    For beginners, I wrote an article for BURST beginners. A walkthrough for the new guys. Find it here:

    If you wanna donate for a cause, whatever the cause might be, here's our wallet address: BURST-RXNN-UAZZ-9Q7Z-3BE5N

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