Burstcoin Apparel

  • Recently, I decided to make a few apparel items for Burst. I am not a professional designer by any means, but I thought this would help burst out a bit. I already have 10 friends begging me to teach them more about cryptocurrency at the moment.
    There are two different types of hoodies, a premium T-shirt, and a mug available to purchase in many different colors and sizes.
    If you would be interested in buying something and advertising burst, the link is here ---> https://teespring.com/burstcoin-and-cancer#pid=212&cid=5820&sid=front

    Also, 25% of the earnings will go towards the Avon Walk for breast cancer in San Francisco, as my aunt is currently battling cancer for the second time.

  • By the way, 3 need to be sold within a week or they will not ship. This cycle will restart every week if 3 items are not sold.
    Your money will not be stolen if they are not bought out.

  • I would get this but I spent all I had on haitch's salsa. Maybe next month. 🙂

  • @socalguy Could go for some salsa right now because I just ate a bowl of tortilla chips and I am out of it.

  • @rapidfireman I'm scared, he said his salsa is not to be taken lightly..

    What got me nervous was realizing that he cooked the salsa outside. That tells me it's very hot! haha

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. A relative of mine had to get one of her breast removed not to long ago. I hope they find a cure very soon.