BURST FAUCET: "Wallet NOT accessible"???

  • There seems to be a rather bizarre development with https://faucet.burstcoin.info lately. Whenever I make a claim, for a few days in a row now, I get the return message: "Sorry, faucet could not access wallet in order to send your BURST. Please try again later."

    When other BURST faucets are doing just fine, what the hell is going on with one???


  • Same here. I can't claim since last week.

  • admin

    @Ndabezitha The faucet ran out of funds - I've topped it up so it should be operational shortly.

  • @haitch Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

  • I believe the faucet is out of funds again?!


  • admin

    @Ndabezitha What's so curious about it ?

    Faucet has been topped up again.

  • I believe the faucet is running dry each and every day. High demand?

  • @Ndabezitha High demand for sure, and 10 burst every time is quite a big amount.

  • @Gadrah_ Also taking into account that BURST is still becoming popular. There are not a lot of faucets around. Also, most people have not yet started mining to help supplement their resources.

  • admin

    @Ndabezitha Faucet topped up again, and payout reduced to 5 Burst. The faucet is intended to be there to help people get started - and it's helped 3,400 accounts, but some accounts have claimed more than 150 times. If faucet abuse continues I'll start blocking the IP's of the worst offenders - and it will block them from the faucets, pools and these forums.

  • @haitch That is another very interesting topic for discussion. To start off with, do we have a limit to the number of times one can claim from these faucets? I believe, a lot can be attributed to the lack of information. Perhaps, if we could appropriately socialise on these issues, so that innocent enthusiasts, like myself, are not unduly punished. Information is power, that is exactly what we need right here.

  • admin

    @Ndabezitha The faucet has been paying out 3-5,000 Burst per day. That's coming out of my wallet. I don't mind helping people getting started in Burst, but people with 150+ claims in the 60 days the faucet has been up, are taking an unreasonable advantage of the faucet and my goodwill. Blocking IP's is a radical step, and I'll go with less radical steps before I take that step - but I don't mine and invest in Burst just to give it all away.

  • @haitch Sorry. I am guilty myself. I didn't understand the purpose of faucets. I saw some people claimed thousands from a single faucet so thought it was ok. How much is too much to claim?

  • @Ndabezitha Whoever runs the .biz faucet seems to have limited burst. It paid out a few times but after that always says to wait x amount of minutes now.

  • admin

    @newsense2004 On average, the faucet has paid out 52 Burst per user - that's 5 visits per user over 60 days. That's reasonable. Some accounts have visited 150+ times - that's not reasonable. The faucets are there to get people started, they're not intended as a revenue steam.

  • admin

    @newsense2004 I run the .biz one as well - and I've not put any limitations on it. Not sure why it's telling you to wait X minutes - did it to me as well - will look into it.

  • @haitch I think there may be a misunderstanding because of the concept of BTC faucets where people claim as much as they can in order to have an additional another source of income. In my opinion, @Ndabezitha is quite right : as it is not explicitely said that the faucet are only there to help to get people started, a lot of guys took it for granted that they could claim the same way they do for any BTC faucet.
    With that said, we are all very grateful for you generosity. I didn't know you paid it all from your pocket, so reducing the amount to 5 is the best thing to do right now. I'm sending a few coins to the faucet, hope this helps.

  • admin

    @Gadrah_ yeah, I never stated the purpose of the faucet - my fault. When the faucet was ad supported the cost didn't bother me, but now we've lost the ads and the faucet cost has increased to 5,000 Burst per day out of my wallet, people using it as an income source bothers me. Claiming 5 times, which is the average, no problem, claiming 150 times - yeah, not ok. I set it up with a generous payout and low reclaim interval, not expecting that people would abuse it. Apparently I have an issue misjudging people. People need to realize that the funds that they're getting from the faucet was other peoples coin. It may be mine, it may be donations from donors - but it is other peoples coin they've provided to help people get started. I, and I presume others, don't expect our funds to be other peoples income stream.

    The BTC faucets are generally ad funded - if I can get back onto an ad service that won't ban me for advertising on the faucet, then I'll be less concerned about faucet abuse, but until then I'd prefer the faucet is used, and not abused. And if necessary, I'll take steps to make sure it isn't.

  • @haitch Wow, I am not sure how people are claiming 150 times a day because they let me claim like two or 3 times a day. I get maybe 30 burst a day from 4 faucets. 150 times a day is insane.

  • @newsense2004 It's not 150 times a day, it's 150 times since that faucet was launched.