Suggestion - Social Media

  • I'm in the coin. When I mean that "I'm in", its the same thing that "I'm promoting" this coin here. Every time that I show the coin and explain about mining, the features, assets to some folks here in Brazil the first thing they look about the coin is Facebook/Twitter/Youtube. And 9 from 10 people say to me that they feel a weak presence of the coin in social media. How the team is thinking about this? There is some medias being constantly updated? Thanks for the attention.

  • @JotaJota I'll make a post about my twitter and how to auto post on it & other sites. The Facebook pages could definitely use some love.

  • @JotaJota also my twitter account: kind of new account 😛

  • Nice guys! I have a twitter that a I use to promote as well, but what everybody tells me is why the team don't has a facebook page constantly updated or other social medias. Maybe its just a little thing, but is incredible how many brazilians needs a facebook page more than a website to believe in something. Its Bizarre.

  • admin

    Guys, feel free to run a FB page. Two or three people tried and abandoned it...

    I totally believe what you are telling us here. It would be nice if the community could jump in. Find a group of people interested running it and go for it.