Online wallet secure.

  • I was just wondering if the online wallet is secure or should I use the local wallet only??

    Thanks 🙂

  • admin

    @Superman As the creator and Manager of the primary online wallets, I can assure you your coins are safe. I have access to the wallet - as in the software and encrypted database, but not to any of the accounts on it - they're all protected by your passphrase and there is no way to bypass that. Additionally all communication between your browser/app and the wallet are SSL Encrypted and unreadable by anyone on the network - including me. The online wallets are as secure as running an instance on your own PC, if not more secure.

  • @haitch Thanks for the quick response and I appreciate that you took securely into consideration when working on the wallet.

  • admin

    @Superman When I can I monitor everything I can on the forums, and when setting up the online wallets, online security was the number 1 consideration. I understand how/why online wallets are considered insecure - I tried to make sure mine were as trustworthy as possible.

  • @haitch I greatly appreciate that and I am glad to have someone who cares!! 🙂

  • Security is the utmost important thing in Online Wallets. You guys are doing a Great Job at providing ease of use and security in your Wallets we can't wait to see what you guys have planned.