Mining on more than all available drive letters on a Windows machine

  • I believe the amount of available drive letters can be a limitation as regards mining on multiple drives through the same computer. If all drive letters have been used, it is possible to create a VM on that local machine, and run another set of HDDs using the VM?

  • admin

    There are many solutions to this problem. You can map two drives to one letter or simply
    calculate your plot ranges manually and and linux. 😉

  • @daWallet Thanks for the info! If I map two drives to one letter, will they be read sequential or parallel? I feel I don't know enough Linux yet to use it as an OS for starting a farm 😕

  • @daWallet

    I found this guide:

    "If this is just for a single computer (i.e., you're not trying to make it the same drive letter no matter what computer it plugs into) then you can do it using the Windows Disk Management tool.

    • list itemOpen the run command and type diskmgmt.msc to open the tool.

    • list itemLocate your USB drive in the list of devices.

    • list itemRight-click the drive and select Change drive letters and paths...

    • list itemClick the Change... button.

    • list itemChoose a new letter from the dropdown list and press OK.

    • list itemPress OK through any warnings it gives about programs not working if you change the letter.

    And you're done! From now on, when you plug this USB into this computer, it will attempt to use that drive letter again each time.

    Note that this can cause problems if you have assigned two USB drives to the same letter at different times and then plug them both in."

    Is this how I should approach the task, or will I run into the problems mentioned in the final sentence?