• Re: Update On BURST Browser - 02/10/16

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    I am looking for what you guys want on this browser. I am adding a fully functional Download Manager, which hopefully you will be able to download files directly with. I am also going to include an AdBlocker, but that will take a lot of time to develop and integrate. Soon, there should either be a crowdfund campaign or asset released to help pay for the browser's maintenance, especially if I am going to host a VPN server. If you would like to donate, please send it to: BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6. It is going to cost me $200 a month to run a server! I was also looking at making a Password Manager addon, which will keep your passwords safe in an encrypted file stored locally or on the cloud. This will hopefully add the extra protection you may need to browse securely. Once the BURST Cloud system comes in to action, I plan to add future integration so that the Browser can communicate with the cloud service; storing files and media is about to become a lot more easier!

    Things That Need Work!
    I am currently looking for a graphic designer who can design the application a logo and some graphics for the User Interface. If you know someone, please let me know so I can arrange something. Remember: I am in-need of donations to help these things happen!

    If you want to discuss or have any ideas, please feel free to comment or PM me 🙂

    All the best,

  • The browser and the Burst Cloud can be a very very big thing if done properly. Keep doing great @JackManMania, I will donate a few more coins in a moment.

  • @Gadrah_ thank you very much 🙂

  • admin

    @JackManMania What do you need in the way of a server? I've currently got a VMware cluster in a colo, and could host your VPN server on there as a VM.

  • @haitch that would be a very good idea as we could save money

  • @haitch I just need a vpn host that's all

  • admin

    @JackManMania Okay, I can look at getting one setup - the onlt potential issue is bandwidth, i have a shared 100Mbit connection at the colo, and I don't think they'd be happy if I was flooding it.

  • @haitch hmmm okay. My plan was to rent a server. So I could do it like that?

  • admin

    @JackManMania Yeah, I can setup one, or try Crowetic - he might be on higher bandwidth - or you could possibly look at a acloud provider like AWS as a possibly cheaper option then renting a server.

  • Just feel the need to link the 3 posts so :

    BBrowser Asset
    UPDATE 2/10/2016

  • @JackManMania Hey mate, good idea to develop a browser of this kind for BURST!!! 🙂 I like it, also the local wallet implementation for nodes pump could be awesome!! I had some thoughts about this... Why don't you develop this browser running on Tor network starting a kind of partnership with the Tor project? Maybe you can run one or more relays for tor and doing so start contacts. I think it could be a cheaper way and also you can provide an anonymous network that is already done: all located in a collaboration scenario that will definitely benefit the burst world! Finally the anonymity and decentralization of Tor and of cryptocurrencies can get married, thanks to BURST!!! What do you think about that? 🙂

  • @Dario's-wallet that would be a pretty good idea! I will see what I can do.

  • Just wanted to leave this here too folks:

    UPDATE (07/10/2016)

    The Alpha version was released, you can check it out in here: http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1836/burst-browser-alpha-release/11

    I'm proud to say that we already bought a domain and @haitch hosted it (Thanks man! xD) for the browser website which will have a page talking about this asset as well... The domain is burstbrowser.com (It's starting to be developed so you guys will not see anything in there for now but you can sleep safe knowing we already bought it xD)

    Like we said earlier the next batch of assets going in to the market will be launched at Saturday 8th October at 6PM GMT and it will be a release of 135k assets at 10 burst a piece, this is the final money we need to get the project up and running until the 5th phase...

    Phase 1: Releasing the Alpha Version to community (Raised and Phase Complete)
    Phase 2: Implementing VPN, DNS, Proxy Servers and Burst Nodes (half raised by now and we are working on this)
    Phase 3: Pay someone to redesign the UI (we are already in contact with someone that could do this and the website development but if someone in the community could do it we prefer to pay with Burst in order to don't hit the sell wall in exchanges!)
    Phase 4: Make languages available (for this we will ask for the community help and will be a reward for each translation so i think this phase will be pretty quick to do in the majority of the languages)
    Phase 5: Test and release full browser

    After this release is sold out the only money that we will need to raise will be just for build a way of pay to users and generate income to the asset, the crowdfund we created will be exactly for that and i just want to remember that every donator at this development phase will be appear in the credits so if you donate to the crowdfund you will see your name over the credits of the browser, witch is something really cool ;P

    **Crowdfund thread: ** http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1816/burst-browser-crowdfund/8

  • UPDATE (07/10/16)


    Just a quick update. We have just purchased a new Framework which will allow us to redesign the BURST Browser. It will look more clean and minimalistic and hopefully you guys can see it in the next update! All of this is thanks to our donators and asset shareholders. We really appreciate what you have done for us and without you, it wouldn't be possible! 🙂

    The new Framework I will be using is called Bunifu. It will allow us to create transitions and our own custom UI. Yes, we decided to do things ourself! I will post example screenshots of the Framework below. Hopefully you will look forward to the redesign!

    Contribute to BURST Browser here: BURST-WACE-5BXZ-4SL9-BC2B6



    Thanks for reading!

  • I can suggest a cheap VPS service. I am using it since almost 2 years for my WoW (World of Warcraft) server. Their prices are the most minimum price I found. Currently I am using the smallest plan, Linux OS, it costs 8 Eur / month. On the server I am running wallet, miner, web server, WoW server, wine, even Surfbar 😉

  • @moonjeina Yeah! Go ahead, please. We need a cheap VPS Server

  • Here is the link: www.contabo.com

  • UPDATE 16/10/16

    Hey there,

    I thought I should let you know a few things which are happening with BURST Browser.
    As you may know, I have been working this Browser for quite some time and added things. I had tweaked the UI so that it is more user friendly and looks appealing to the eye. I fixed quite a few bugs which people noticed from the 1st Alpha release, so thank you to those who pointed them out. I have just added a settings page, which will hopefully be functioning in the next big update.

    If any of you know how BURST transactions work (if you know what the API is and how to use it) please let me know. I am currently making an API which will start an Ad Network and will require BURST as a payment. This will obviously be a small fee which still needs to be confirmed. There are also some tools that I need, but do not have the funding for; one of these includes ReSharper: https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/

    This tool will improve my workflow and give me access to features/tools that will save me hours of time throughout development. If you are willing to donate/contribute for me to buy this software, it will cost me £240 ($300) for the first year, and then £191 ($233) for the year after. After the third year, the price drops significantly. I am not saying that you must donate, but it would be greatly appreciated and goes towards the project!

    (Any BURST left over will be put back into the fund for the project.)

    With regards to the Ad Network, users can pay a small fee which must be paid monthly to have a BURST related advertisement put on the Browser. In the future, I hope that this will be an automated system, where the Browser will pull images from a cloud storage server and put them in the Browser. In the meantime, feel free to prepare an Ad if you would like it published.

    How The Ad System Will Work:

    1. The Ad must be sensible and show no explicit content.
    2. The Ad must be relevant.
    3. Any payment missed will be a result of your Ad being terminated from the Browser.

    At this moment in time, this is the only way I can think of doing it, so if you know anything better, please let me know.

    As mentioned previously, the VPN will hopefully be hosted by one of the BURST team, if that is still possible. We are still working on this side of things, as it is a major part of development.

    More Updates:
    Me and @gpedro have recently purchased 10TB each in Hard Drives, meaning that 20TB of power will be going towards our BBrowser Asset payout. We are still working on the plan about the dividends because this mining will be for backing the project costs as long as the dividends and growing the own Burst farm so the dividends could grow in the future side by side with the project. This will be incredibly helpful now, as we can move on to the higher pools with better payouts! With regards to payout schedule, that is still be unconfirmed. Our future plan once all Hard Drives are plotted is to be Monthly or Bi-Monthly. Me and @gpedro will have to take a small fee for maintenance, as our electricity bills are quite expensive!

    Thats all for the update, so thank you for reading and happy mining!

  • Well done MTB will be advertising with your platform

  • @dagentlemang COOL man... Really glad to hear that! We will come up with the fees and distribution of the mining shortly xD I will personally contact you guys when we are ready xP