Burst.Lexitoshi.Uk - New Pool Development (New Feature Discord Alerts)

  • Hi All,

    I started talking to another member here Tross. who runs his own burst pool.
    hes been having issues where the code is quite old and generally the pool has a few bugs.

    luckily i stumbled across him started a chat and asked if he needed any help so ive decided to put my skillset in application development/programming to use here.

    i've started up my own pool in the meantime to try fix some of the issues he is having and make the payouts much more fairer. however i cannot do this without people mining on the pool to test it.

    so i ask of you if you can to point your miners to my pool whilst i develop this into something that's a lot more stable.
    once i have a stable build ill start posting commits to github to assist every other person who currently has a pool who is having problems.

    the address for the pool is burst.lexitoshi.uk

    i have added 300 burst into the pool for the first miners who join.

    any issues if you could let me know here that would be fantastic. either by posting below or by Direct Message


    • Discord Alerts
    • Pool Admin Commands
    • Show User Capacity
    • Record's Block Winner History
    • Google Analytics
    • Ghost Block/Negative Balance Prevention

  • @Lexicon So is this new pool a collaboration between you & Tross ? Or will you run it alone ?

  • currently its one im running on my own. tross will be running his seperately. i'll be sending tross the changes in my code and once all the bugs have been worked out i'll be updating a fork for the original github repo.

    tross is currently facing an issue with his pool where it will randomly go minus. and without full access to his pool i cannot debug what's wrong with it quickly.

    obviously theirs issues to having access to someone else's pool e.g. his wallet password will be in his config. and i wouldn't expect him to share this with me lol. thats a lot of trust to have with someone who just randomly messaged him on the internet offering to help out.

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  • @Lexicon Do you know by any chance how to estimate miners capacity based on submitted DL's?

  • @Lexicon I have the same problem when trying to change stuff lol

    I am going with this conf and see how far I get without minus

     minimumPayout : 150.0,
    clearingMinPayout : 50.0,
    lastSessionFile : 'last-session.json',
    cumulativeFundReduction : 0.6,
    nextBlockFundSaving : 0.1,

    Lexicon and Bkewlbro have been a great help and very entertaining on whatapp!

  • @tross BTW this config gives descent block winner reward proportional to your shares !

  • @Jumper not currently. without any miners on the pool i cant do much. but as soon as it picks up and some people join then ill let you know.

  • @Lexicon Thanks. If I find out before you, I will also send you an update.

  • @Lexicon Very interested in this. Though, I would speak to @crowetic. I think they are working on new mining software. Not 100% sure though :s

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    @socalguy you are correct, a new version of the pool mining software is currently being developed

  • @Focus but is something I can run on my HP z600? Without getting a different OS?

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    @tross It is going to be scaleable, as for specs we are not there yet

  • I get a code 4 error when I want to change reward?


    any ideas?

  • @tross try closing the wallet down completely. and reopen it. i've just tried on another laptop at work and it's worked. im pretty flabbergasted why its not working for you lol. ive tried it now on 3 different computers and 3 different wallets

  • @tross port 8125 portforwarding

  • @tross Look you mess with the numbers you run into problems.
    Clearingpayment- Means it will Payout to every miner when they reach 50. Look either you pay 50 every couple hours or wait until it reaches a higher number.

    It doesn't matter if a miner takes 12hrs to reach 150 (Better). Your pool will keep paying into -negative. 150 coins really not worth much yet so wait till the pump

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  • @Burstde The code has a major problem that is literally a ticking time bomb. No matter what configuration you run your
    balance is creeping negative. I have ran this pool in every imaginable way and its always the same. But I dont give up!
    Lexicon is helping me out and is surely priceless!

  • going to rewrite the payments.js today. laptop retstarted itself last night so the pool went offline for a significant amount of time lol. set up a discord as well https://discord.gg/Z2HSNFv