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  • If you are not able to buy assets, I have started a CrowdFund for my project 'BURST Browser.' Any donation will be accepted, we just need to reach our goal. (You may notice that there are two CrowdFunds. Donate to the one with the BURST on.)


    Thanks for contributing!
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or otherwise,

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  • Sorry I don't get it why you would need to build a browser, why not just use the tor browser. To me it seems like you are re-inventing the wheel. Am I missing something?

  • @iKnow0 The browser will work just like TOR browser, a trully de centralized browser, running side by side with a local wallet in every instance of the browser, so it will make the Burst Network larger since every open browser will be a full node of the Burst Network, with a VPN built in it, and it will pay Burst to people to use the browser because it will have a AdNetwork built in aswell...

    Future applications that this can incorporate:

    • Encrypted and decentralized chat;
    • Encrypted and decentralized E-mail;
    • Encrypted and decentralized clouds;
    • Encrypted and decentralized voice and video calls;
    • Encrypted and decentralized domains;
    • Encrypted and decentralized whatever the path this takes us (hahaha)

    So basically this will allow to make the services inside Burst more secure and offer more stability to the both networks (Browser Network and Burst Network), and to finish this will offer a Browser VPN that pays you to use it instead of you pay to use a VPN xD

    So this will make possible to people in very controlled countrys to use Burst and give them freedom all over the internet, but that's is just the tip of the iceberg, this will be a huge deal when the project is finished... It's hard to tell all the pros of it, just because every day i wake up and have more ideas of applications that can be built in in the future xD

  • @gpedro Is that not the same as using a tor hidden service?

  • @iKnow0 Not exactly because with tor you just have the VPN you don't have a local wallet in it neither a way of incorporate this services, and besides that have you ever eared of one coin that has his own browser and that instead of charging for some service, they still pay you to use it?

    We intend to pay people to use it because this will make the networks to grow and that is exactly what Burst needs and what this browser will need to be stable as we want it to be...

    Like i said the part of making people in very controlled countrys to be free on the internet is just one of the most common things to think about when someone try to explain something like this and like i said it's just a tip of iceberg...

    The services this will be completely decentralized and encrypted making possible to have your things on the internet in a safe and anonymous way, and pratically unhackable.

    We will be as anonymous as we can be so that nobody have data about the users like google and those big companies always try to do so they can build their databases and sell your data for whoever pays the most for it, WE WILL NOT DO THIS BY ANY MEANS, the intention of this browser is to be secure, free, anonymous and decentralized!

  • Just wanted to leave this here too folks:

    UPDATE (07/10/2016)

    The Alpha version was released, you can check it out in here: http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1836/burst-browser-alpha-release/11

    I'm proud to say that we already bought a domain and @haitch hosted it (Thanks man! xD) for the browser website witch will have a page talking about this asset aswell... The domain is burstbrowser.com (It's starting to be developped so you guys will not see anything in there for now but you can sleep safe knowing we already bought it xD)

    Like we said earlier the next batch of assets going in to the market will be launched at Saturday 8th October at 6PM GMT and it will be a release of 135k assets at 10 burst a piece, this is the final money we need to get the project up and running until the 5th phase...

    Phase 1: Releasing the Alpha Version to community (Raised and Phase Complete)
    Phase 2: Implementing VPN, DNS, Proxy Servers and Burst Nodes (half raised by now and we are working on this)
    Phase 3: Pay someone to redesign the UI (we are already in contact with someone that could do this and the website development but if someone in the community could do it we prefer to pay with Burst in order to don't hit the sell wall in exchanges!)
    Phase 4: Make languages available (for this we will ask for the community help and will be a reward for each translation so i think this phase will be pretty quick to do in the majority of the languages)
    Phase 5: Test and release full browser

    After this release is sold out the only money that we will need to raise will be just for build a way of pay to users and generate income to the asset, the crowdfund we created will be exactly for that and i just want to remember that every donator at this development phase will be appear in the credits so if you donate to the crowdfund you will see your name over the credits of the browser, witch is something really cool ;P

    **Crowdfund thread: ** http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1816/burst-browser-crowdfund/8

  • Donated just to see my name on the credits. I mean to support the project * cough *

  • @Propagandalf Thanks for that ! ! ! Whatever the reason you donated, it's a noble one since you are contributing right?

  • @gpedro True 🙂