Can't reach pool web sites

  • I've tried mining on 3 different sites, , and . And what I've experienced is that when I change Burst Client to any of these pools I get this pause when the mining starts for 1 - 3 hours. Then it stays there. I goto the web page of each site and they come on, but every once in awhile my browser just comes back that the site is unreachable. I know my machine(s) are working. I've reset them all and on the Burst coin mining server I'm also mining Ethereum and I'm getting 100% shares accepted there for ether, the Burst coin one has the problem of never mining. If I change to which was the first one I started with I never have an issue, but that pool doesn't pay much (11.8 TB = 112 burst a day.)

    So, has anyone had this issue also. BTW, I have 2 machines that have Burst Client and they all work fine, but not when going to different pools this occurred on v. 3.4 and 3.5 . I also have monitoring software to tell me when I lose an internet connection to keep all my miners running without interruption, and again I look at the logs and there is no stoppage nor latency issues.

  • @rgrios Have you tried using a different miner and which are you currently using?

  • @iKnow0

    I'm using the one that comes with the burst coin wallet: . Version 3.5, my other machine has Version 3.4 . I haven't used anything else, I've search for others but got a little confused on them as I'm not sure whats out there. Any recommendations on that too?

  • Firewall settings?

  • @rgrios are you using the same account for the different pools or different accounts? Using the same account for different pools will not work as there can be only 1 reward recipient. If using different accounts, do they each have there own plot files? There are three miners available from the windows client. They are under the pool selection. Since you are already mining ETH, try using the second one (AVX).

  • I don't have any Firewall ports blocking those specific computers. I have changed the recipient to each pool change and waited the required 4 blocks or more before I start mining.

    On the computer mining Eth, I set the Burstcoin mining software to use AVX as to not interfere with GPU mining.

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    rgrios, if you like I can teamview into your computer and help you out