Questions to pool mine or solo mine?

  • Hello all, new to Burst,
    I'm mining in I had about 2 days I had great pay outs 1'741.8385458 and 1'684.36363438 and 1'733.51284101, then dropped off to avg of 328.96705827, did something change? is this the best pool? and at what size storage size should I consider solo mining? thanks for any advice in advance!


  • @bigd Best way to make decision on Pool or Solo is to run on a Pool and see how many Blocks you are solving in a Day. Then multiply that by the Block Reward (currently 2635) and compare that number with what you are earning on the pool.

    In practice I think you need around 100TB to be mining Solo and generate a regular Daily income.


  • @bigd do solo mining, i dare ya!

    Just kiddin' . The difficulty is too high for you to solo mine. Judging by the numbers you gave, you should be mining with a rig of roughly 10 TB. Stick to pools i say.

  • @RichBC thanks! not near 100tb right at 10tb total on this rig. why the big numbers for first few days then drop off?

  • @nameless yep dead on 9026 gb right at 10 tb on this rig. will stick to pool, any input on pools? this one as good as any? any upside to change? thanks for input

  • @bigd with a 10 TB rig you can stay on this pool without a problem. It's just right for a rig your size. Once you double/triple, then i suggest looking into because it's more suitable for large rigs. That's about it... happy mining!

  • admin

    @bigd over the long term all the pools are pretty much the same - the only real difference is fees.

  • thanks everyone, last can anyone explain the Huge returns my first few days? and now avg 300's ?

  • @bigd you were lucky on the first few days and hit blocks. On the succeeding days, you weren't hitting any blocks at all and was leeching on your poolmate's blocks instead. That's the beauty of being with the pools, even if you dont hit a block, you can leech mine with your poolmates.

  • @jervis thanks for that! and I got lucky today and hit a block! thanks everyone!

  • @bigd

    reg. plotting and mining, i have had luck with windows and using wplotgenerator to plot (using cpu) and at the same time using jminer to mine (using gpu). i think jminer can also just use cpu, but it might be a little slower at getting the results, so if you have a deadline of 8 seconds, you might not be able to announce it until after 30 seconds, so it counts as 30, and if someone announces a 25 before you, you miss out on a block you would have gotten if you had been able to read the plot fast enough.