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  • Hello everyone. just starting out. im familer with block chain and the idea's behind it i attempted mining bitcoin in 2013 but was a little late to the game for my mining tec and never got anyplace with it. i ran across a video about burst on Youtube by Adam Guerbuez . what realy got my attention was the fact that i have the tec to do this ! and so far prop's to the comunity that is building the app's so so easy to understand vary user friendly setup. i downloaded the all in one app two weeks ago and started geting things set up i have been mining for about 4 days now and alredy found 1 block and have over 2k burst ! for my first question about ploting HDD's how long doe's that normaly take ? im curently mining on a spare 3TB HDD that took 128 hours to plot i thought it would never finish. and i cleaned out a 5TB HDD that i had been useing for storage , got it formated and just started plotting it tonight dreading to see how long this one takes. for my second question. i noticed right off that all trades for burst are done via BTC and then you have to convert the BTC into say USD if thats what you want. i was wondering if there was a reason for this or is it just not viable at the moment to set it up to trade in USD or other major currency's . if thats the case will it hopefully in the future have more currency's that it can trade directly with.

  • @Gibsalot Hi Gibsalot and welcome to the Burst community. Plotting does take time but thankfully it only has to be done just once. The speed of plotting will depend on your hardware and which plotter you use. Currently the GPU plotter is the fastest if you have a decent GPU. The speed of the CPU plotter will depend on several factors, number of threads you use, write speed of hard disk being plotted, amount of system RAM, stagger size. If you could post your system specification, we would be in a better position to offer you advice on the optimum plotting strategy for your setup.

  • AMD dualcore 3.6ghz , 6GB Ram im using the built in plotter in the all in one burst client for win v0.3.5 HDD's are both 7200rpm conected internal SATA

  • @Gibsalot If you have a decent GPU, it could help you cut off your time. But I have plotted 12 TB and still plotting not using any GPUs and it's going along. I use a AMD 3 cores and Intel dual cores.

    As for your other question, burst isn't that strong yet with the demand (i think) but with the help of a strong community and a good development, hopefully, its time will come to the light. 🙂

  • my 5TB seems to be going faster im at 18% right now almost 18 hour's so about 1% an hour, thanks for the info if i do another drive ill def look into GPU plotting i have Radeon R7 280 GFX card.

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    @Gibsalot 280x are great plotting cards 🙂

  • ok soo built in plotter on the all in 1 crashed .. froze the whole comp. at least i think thats what caused it. trying the GPU plotter but it has me so confused it's no funny.

  • i download everything it said to download and installed but the directions are telling me to do stuff im not familer with and dont know how to do

  • @Gibsalot what are you unsure about exactly?

  • ok sorry about the delay been pulling alot of hours at work . i followed the GPU ploter link in the burst software link downloaded and installed OpenCL and Mingw. as well as the GpuPlotGenerator. basicly im stuck at the next step it says to modify 3 diff files in the Makefile. i found and watched two videos on youtube that show step by step setup but comparing my files with the ones they show they have all the same files i have plus a few i dont have and its the ones i dont have that they are modifying for the setup

  • @Gibsalot Hi again, you do not need to build the GPU plotter unless you are using Linux, in windows just run the exe with the correct parameters. First you need to configure your GPU device, to do this run "gpuPlotGenerator setup". Add your device and then save. Accepting the suggested defaults usually works. Then run the plotter , comand format: gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer <your wallet address><start nonce><number of nonces>_<stagger size> Example : gpuPlotGenerator.exe generate buffer 987654321_0_10000_1000 (this will generate a plot for address 987654321 in buffer mode with a starting nonce of 0 for 10,000 nonces using a stagger size of 1000). There are more tips on using the gpu plotter in the readme file. If you still have questions just ask.

  • i have no gpuPlotGenerator setup .. only the gpuplotgenerator.exe 0_1476323749028_Untitled.png

  • ok went back to the built in ploter in the win all in one and going to plot my 5TB HDD in 3 = plot's of 1508GB each that should get my plot time down enough to avoid crashing issues ... when i tryed full 5TB at 28% complet my GF turned the computer off 😞 restarted it 2nd time Win did updates and restarted itself at 40% complet .... changed seting's to stop that and this time it crashed and froze at 19% complet 😞 ....... just did update check on everything reformated HDD restarted the comp and started ploting agin with smaller file size this time

  • @Gibsalot setup is a command parameter. gpuPlotGenerator <space> setup

  • im back i got alot farther this time. now im getting an error msg can anyone tell me why or what i have wrong ? when trying to launch gpu ploter it starts its thing then it kicks back with [ERROR][-61][CL_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE] Unable to create the OpenCL GPU buffer 0_1476405703179_error msg.png

  • @Gibsalot Try this "gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer D:\plots\<your account id>_0_100000_1000" (note the underscores are neccessary) if it works then try increasing the stagger size. If you are still getting the error, edit the devices.txt and reduce the globalWorkSize.

  • buffer error gone but have new error [ERROR] Invalid parameters count at line [1]
    nevermind played with the numbers no longer geting the count at line 1 error ... now im geting invalid file name .........

  • @Gibsalot post a screenshot please

  • 0_1476451524115_error invalid.png

  • update i got it working it was literly the space i had betwen plot file location and my account numeric ID ... its nice went from avrage 900 nonce a min with CPU right now im geting 18000 -20000 nonce a min