[ANN] FocusMine - Mining and Trading Asset

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    Name: FocusMine

    Asset ID: 18037940387919656370
    Asset Issuer: BURST-MCW6-T7K6-B68K-FCPGG
    Supply: 1,000,000
    Price: 25 (Initial Release)
    Dividends: Bi-Monthly

    FocusMine is my 2nd Burstcoin mining asset. Due to the strong performance of BurstMC I decided to offer this asset. Shareholders will receive bi-monthly payouts based on the combined mining from the Focus Miner, currently at 10.3TB(3.7TB added this month), the Focus 3 Miner currently at 17.3TB (6.8TB added this month) and bonuses from trades on Poloniex. The initial release of 200k shares will be priced at 25 Burst per. I plan to grow the mining power to the tune of 2TB (guaranteed) - 10TB or more monthly for the both Miners.

    Depending on performance of the asset, I will deploy another miner which is being built as we speak and/or speed up the upgrade path and add more mining power to the current deployed miners faster than expected.

    80% monthly payout
    20% Maintenance and hardware upgrade fees ( pretty self explanatory )
    As a Bonus, I have left a 5000 Burst Bonus in the wallet to go towards the first payout!

    Any questions? Feel free to ask here!

  • @Focus You're on fire!
    alt text

  • @Focus Hey ! Just wondering, why do you create a new asset instead of expanding BurstMC, given that all the shares have not been sold yet ?

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    BurstMC is doing really well on it's own. Approx 3-5% ROI per payout. I am building another miner right now for burstMC expansion and I also have Focus4 which is earmarked for burstMC.

  • Hey @Focus good luck for the new asset! I hold amounts of BurstMC already.

  • @Focus Okay thanks. Good luck for this asset then 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ I was wondering the same thing haha.

    @bandarfjb Me too, I already have BurstMC, will not participate in this one ^_^ Good Luck 😃

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    OK, to all investors, I have decided to put this Asset on the backburner for the time being. No need to have a competing asset to burstMC

    Almost all shares have been bought back, these are the outstanding ones so please contact me to be refunded or transfered the equivalent in burstMC:

    Gogreen80 15
    Luke Jamieson 1