What is your acceptable price per TB for used HDD ?

  • As the title says, what is ur acceptable price range for used HDD if you are looking to purchase ?

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    @BurstL0rd US$20 - $30/TB is reasonable for used. I've got a number of re-furbs, but I stay away from Seagates, they're the only drives I've had fail while mining Burst.


  • What happen ? I almost bought 3 seagate HDD

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    @BurstL0rd - of 8 used Seagates I bought (3TB model) 5 have failed. Have refurbed WD, HItachi's and Toshiba's, along with new ones - not a hiccup.

    Backblaze which make massive off the shelf storage arrays has also found high rates of failures on Seagates. : https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-q4-2015/

    Their analysis found that the 1.5TB drives failed at a significantly higher rate than other manufacturers - they don't include the 3TB drives I have/had. But having had 15TB of 24TB fail, while no others have - I avoid Seagate.


  • Wow, luckily for me. i almost got them. shld stick to other brand. haha

  • @haitch said in What is your acceptable price per TB for used HDD ?:

    Backblaze which make massive off the shelf storage arrays, has also found high rates of failures on Seagates.

    There are several valid arguments suggesting that the much-quoted Backblaze drive-reliability data may be seriously flawed. Thou I don't have the expertise to assess, it does seem reasonable. Eg.

    And that Price /Warrantee Year /Tb is a more useful metric of value. Especially if you're planning a large operation where downtime and lost productivity are a factor. However, the latest Backblaze numbers do seem to show that Consumer HHDs fail at a rate of about 14x more than Enterprise editions, especially when applied to 24/7 operations (such as Bursting).

  • Used under 10$ , Referb under 20$ , new anything under 30$ after shiping

  • dear Seagate owners: i have a 700tb Seagate from 2007 that still works today because i attached a cooling fan to its underneath dropping temperature by an average of between 15 - 25 oC (depending on weather season) pre fabricated fan brackets with fans can be purchased online. one such place is ebay. (cheap too) i recommend these where possible for 24/7 hard disk operation of any brand. it runs at 7200 rpm and the spindle bearings are about 85% of all heat generation. When i go to buy second hand its Hitachi, Samsung, or western digital. Seagate i always buy new from the store and i always cool them in operation. In general I beleive it is best to buy drives secondhand if its under 2 years old from a home environment.

  • @ZapbuzZ Wow, a 700TB drive from 2007? The magnetic disc must be about the diameter of Jupiter. ;)

    I sold two used 5TB WD Black drives on ebay for $250. That's about half what they're worth brand new retail.

    Oh wait, I should say I sold them for $212.50 because ebay and paypal rape you simultaneously on your final value.

    If only there were a method of transaction that was really cheap and didn't involve expensive, draconic, single point of failure exchanges....

  • it has 4 glass platters. I got it new. They don't last forever, however, the magnetic pickups electromagnetic arm makes squealing noises so i've devoted it to read only duty these days. Spindle bearing resistance is their weakness. The lubricant must dry up or something. correction it is 500gb. model: ST35006.30AS

  • i have a western digital PATA drive from 1993 which has 256mb of space. Just used it yesterday as a browser cache for fun lol. The bigger the capacity the more risks really. I never thought i'd still have my windows 95 hard disk. The cache duty only took 30 minutes to fill. It started lagging. I reformatted to the extensible file system because it has a backup file table. No problems :)