BTC Mining Machines.

  • Guys i need your expert advises regarding this machines running around the stores. is this btc machines profitable? could this machine durable? please be honest guys if this thing really works..
    ![alt text](0_1475957410952_s5.jpg image url)

  • The S5 units will not be profitable unless you get free Electricity

    Now the New S9 units can still turn a nice Profit esp with Free Electricity

  • the BTC miners is profitable but in a certain time only because they change models like a Nokia phone. I don't know how a person can have profits in mining with antminers with its highly changing models. But that's just my 2 cents. I dont know from the other guys here.

    Like what Njc said, the new model is S9. ALways go for the newer ones if youre planning to buy an ASIC.

  • I have been Dealing with Antminer For Quite some time I have actually worked closely with Yoshi Gato who runs ALL of the BitmainTech operations for the Entire USA for the company

    The company is Wonderful and their equipment is incredible I am actually looking into have them build me some cheap 5tb sd based sata drives and trying to get the company interested in Burstcoin and into Burst Mining


  • @Njcfamily31907 I hope they don't build ASIC for Burst or gone are the days of the small scale miners like what happened to bitcoin. Well, as long as Bitmain isn't looking our direction, I say, let's mine like hell. XD

  • No no asics for burst

    But Since their HQ is in china and they should be able to get the Parts cheap I am gonna be getting intouch with Yoshi to see what he can get a Mass quantity of the Sata SD conversion Cards and a Bunch of the 512gb or the 1024gb SD cards for at a good rate and maybe with a Good Crowdfund we can put together a 1PB mining Farm and sell some Assets to it and pay some good divs 🙂

  • It will be a very good idea indeed. Business talk i can understand. Technical stuff, ehhhh. If we can pull of a cheaper price than HDDs (coz their from China) then that would be a GREAT business to do. 🙂

  • the sd to sata conversion card can hold 10 sd cards at a time so if you do the math on that 1024gb x 10 = 10240gb or approx 10.2TB per setup i had the 5tb version priced out at about $250 ( this price is just a rough est. without any wholesale discounts )

    I will look into what i can build the 10tb units for and also see if i can get in touch with yoshi today

  • this is a s5 1th speed! you shld buy s7 or s7LN which is cheaper, used antminer is plenty in the market, suitable for home miner.