• RapidTrading will be my third and likely final asset.
    Before you guys ask why I don't just combine all of my assets into one, it's because some people might not want to invest into different components of a multi-income asset.. My one asset is lending, another one is mining, and this one will be trading coins. If someone hates the idea of lending, they would probably be driven away from something that they could love like mining.
    What Is RapidTrading
    RapidTrading is a trading asset, hence the title, where I'll be trading coins on poloniex to try and pull a profit. Unlike my other assets, this one takes a bit of skill and time, but also does have a sense of luck.
    How Often Will Payouts Be
    Payouts will be anywhere from twice a day to once in a week. It depends on how the trading is going. I could make 1% in a day, or 500%. If I make a fair profit I will release the dividends immediately.
    Starting Prices and Quantity
    I have learned from past mistakes, and will be giving the asset a proper size. Unlike my other assets where I made the quantity a billion.
    The quantity will be 1,000,000 with a price of 10 per share. If anyone has an objection to this please let me know so I don't mess it up...again, before I release the asset.

    Suggestions and questions are welcome and asked for!

  • Not a good idea in such a low fluidity market even you are a professional trader considering the 10,000,000 coins you are about to raise. I recommend 100,000 maxim coins if you are really want to take a good profit percentage.
    This suggestion is on the assumption of you are seasoned trader, if not, drop the idea.

  • @merlin0113 I trade daily, but I have never had a large balance to play with. Also the market isn't that low, as long as you don't go into the smaller coins, but that could still work, you just can't put all of your money down.

  • If there is good feedback by the end of the day, I will issue the asset.