Wallet No Showing Correct Balance

  • Hello,
    today i found a block and was sent 1205 bust. But it has not shown up in my wallet yet. (Not in Online or Local Wallet). And also have members in our pool burstpool.ddns.net saying the same thing. Just wondering if this is a known issue or any other burst miners are having this issue.



    TRANSACTION 13016393791861659888

    Sender BURST-F3XD-Y4M5-SN8C-G9FFJ
    Recipient BURST-CQPJ-BHDW-KXDP-98NX3
    Amount 1,205.93714708 Burst (0.00143507 BTC)
    Fee 1 Burst
    Block 95230914780939299
    Type Ordinary Payment
    Confirmations 51
    Timestamp 2016-10-08 14:07:53
    Signature 2e1408ee9187120bc00e4d7ad57767fb8779c869 69f98fe362d2e2fc384ef30814c10a0f1b1bc6b6 4f7440031c3bee0bf5b196eab39acb883a4c1b35 48b09680
    Signature Hash 0f2c31b8d870ac9feb039d6e35583b16e9135ddf972775402398b77e1aa1c854
    Full Hash f098839c3085a3b426efad61a0ab9eda304296ef7ece54c3c1eaa2a654a8b3dd

  • also some miners wallets are working fine

  • and as i typed my last relay the wallet updated. and balance is showing. go figure haha

  • local seems fine for me and my pool is on correct block. could only be the online wallet affected

  • admin

    @Lexicon Yeah, one of the online wallets had got stuck about 100 blocks behind. I gave it a nufge and it's caught up.

  • haha. go figure as soon as i post something on it, it catches up lol.
    But Thank you for nufge it for us haha.