Open ASSET order

  • I ventured into asset purchasing and I am not sure if it went thru or not

    I bought the following....
    Buy Orders
    Asset Quantity Price Total Cancel
    BurstMC 276 25 6'900 /

    And for what ever reason it does not move over to MY ASSETS section of my wallet...its been hours since I submitted the BUY.

    What did I do wrong? Or is this normal?


  • Banned

    Please post a screenshot of your wallet so we can se what us going on

  • I can back this claim up as i have also posted a asset buy and it has been hours and it still has not gone through also i actually want to cancel the order because i bought the wrong asset by mistake

  • I have experienced this. After a few days the order will cancel. It seems to happen when someone buys an asset on an older wallet like 1.2.4 or 1.2.5.

    When it happened to me I was fully updated it was the result of an outdated peer.

    which wallet versions are you running?

  • i bought via an online wallet