BURST Community: Thank you for your generous support.

  • I was introduced to crypto-currencies, in general, and BURST, in particular, about 5 months ago and at least 3 months ago, respectively. No proper prior orientation and meaningful guidance was obtained, except for being driven by sheer enthusiastic curiosity.

    I have heavily relied on faucets and one giveaway so far, and have not embarked on mining for reasons elaborated in some other post right here in this forum. Last week, there were free BURST given to miners, as promoted in one particular post, but I commented in appreciation of the generous sentiment, regardless of the fact that I was not mining myself, yet. Surprisingly, the person who made that post decided to give me some BURST, anyway, regardless of the fact that I never made a request. A 100 free BURST was such a noble gesture.

    Furthermore, I received a chat message from another member again, a little unfamiliar to me, who expressed their surprise that I had solely relied on faucets, without any mining whatsoever, yet I was very passionate about the BURST coin, as clearly suggested by the posts I have already made to date as an active forum member. This person was rather impressed by my enthusiasm, regardless of my current mining disposition, that they offered me some BURST, and they asked for my wallet address. Once again, I thanked them for their generous consideration, and this particular person gave me 800 BURST! This was such a major boost, given the fact that some faucets have dropped their daily payout lately.

    Also, unknown to some members of this forum, and the very people who were spontaneously generous to me, to my awesome surprise, is the fact that I had put some BURST in some mining website with the sincere hope of getting something out of it. Unfortunately, some days down the line, that website was down. A query was also instantly tweeted, but there was no response from the website owners whatsoever. Quite frankly, the free BURST I received from these two individuals covered a significant portion of my loss.

    Furthermore, prior to my active involvement with BURST, I had experienced another loss with Bitcoin. As gullibly naive as I was, I fell some HYIP which promised a 100% interest on the same day. Nothing was received out of it altogether. I lost the satoshi, and sincerely relied on faucets which appeared to be reliable and consistent, despite the fact that they paid real "dust coins". Yet again, I am still venturing another Bitcoin mining website, with the hope that this one will be of integrity. Balance is accumulated daily, and the first payout is expected in a couple of weeks, although the mining capacity is measured in KH/s. This, in my view, is substantially insignificant compared to GH/s or TH/s of other mining websites, yet commendable for modest mining affordability.

    Briefly, I am zealous to expand and grow, and gather opportunities, no matter how small, as long as I can move forward, until I can afford something much greater and humongous.

    Once again, thank you BURST community for all your generous support, whether sentimental or otherwise.

    You all have a great day!

  • Hello there

    I am sorry to read that you were hustled by dishonest scumbags running fake Bitcoin mining operations. I feel your pain, since I was once a victim of Scrypt CC, one of the worst scams ever. I might also have been scammed through Mining Sweden, but I'm not sure yet.

    I do not currently recommend any Bitcoin mining operations, but if you are considering any, take a look at http://www.badbitcoin.org/thebadlist/index.htm first. They specialize on hunting down scams, so it can be worth your while to check the badlist before you invest in anything.

    Instead, I would recommend buying trusted assets on Burst's asset exchange. They will offer you FAR MORE profit than you will ever get with any Bitcoin mining operation. Also, for free burstcoins, check out Burst's Surfbar in my signature.

    Please post your wallet ID, and I will send you a few coins as well.

  • HYIP may promise you great return, but in the end you almost gain nothing because they could take your money away.

  • @Propagandalf Thank you for both taking time to read my post, as well as your kind consideration. As far as the requested information, be hereby kindly advised of further communication in respect hereof via chat. I thank you once again.

  • @Propagandalf Thank you, once again. I will now proceed right ahead with assets, and check my sturdy progress over time.

  • @Ndabezitha I feel your pain buddy regarding to those scams Bitcoin Mining Operations, and i'm glad i never falled in any of them, although i was almost falling in one (hashocean) before i met BURST because i would invest in their mining exactly in the day they go down xD

    I always felt some cepticism about that operations because i consider all of them Ponzi Schemes, this means that they pay for some time but they will always run away with your money so this means that it can worth for some time but it will most likely not to be profitable... You should really invest in assets instead xD

    Happy BURSTing!