Not confirmed Deadline that won and I missed out on

  • Hello Burst Champions,
    BurstCoin is awesome! I am new within the last month to BurstCoin. I have been building what will be a 60TB mining server (currently almost 49TB) BIGDANZCOINZ. I have been noticing that I have not confirmed deadlines and when I close and re-launch (if I am watching the screen) it will be successfully submitted and confirmed (the same one that previously failed). Very upsetting that a few moments ago I missed out on a forged block that I technically won (beat out the winning deadline) but my deadline was not confirmed (you can see in the attached screenshot) and I had stepped away for literally like 3 mins and was unable to see it, close and re-launch the miner. I have read the forums and understand that there are some issues like this and could be the network traffic, amount of people submitting etc possibly but I wanted to see if the wallet miners have any setting to tweak for retry or waiting a few moments longer to submit (after a bunch of people submit)? I would not mind missing a forged block because have this setting too high as I think these times where I would have a under a minute bock from what I have seen would be minimal. Thais has happened to me several times and wanted to see if there is anything I could do to fix this issue. I have been reviewing the code for the miner to see about adding a retry when I have not confirmed DL's that beat my best submitted DL. Any help or insight you can provide would be much appreciated.

    See screenshot link below
    alt text

  • So I have looked at your screen shot and something I noticed by observing all of your submitted deadlines is that your response times vary between 3 and 25 seconds depending on where it was in the submission to the pool. Which pool are you mining on out of curiosity? Nevermind that question, I see my own name on the best deadline list, I know your pool. It appears the pool might be getting soaked if you know for a fact you have a good solid reliable internet connection (You may want to run a for results). If the problem is not you and the pool is being soaked the only thing you can do is ask the pool owner to reduce the max acceptable deadline to process less submissions. Sorry, this is the best I can do from this position.


  • Hi IceBurst, thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I did the test and I believe that I have a solid internet connection. 😕 I doubt they will change things for me 🙂

    alt text

    I figured there may not be much to do. Unfortunately, it is that we need to correct this in some way so that the system is more reliable. If you do the "work", you should get paid. I can only imagine what I miss when I am sleeping, LOL. It does happen to me a lot and I literally watch the screen as much as I can all day and night when I can. I will look into my solution of having the miner code hold the best deadline and check for not confirmed DL's and retry them at a certain point later in the run. It seems when I do this manually it always works. This lends to your point that the network is soaked possibly. I have thought of switching to other pools and have (ninja) but I saw that they do not win as many blocks (at least in the short time I switched so I switched back). I felt like I was losing by switching and monitoring what I "could" have won if I had stayed in the previous pool.

    I will keep plugging at it.

  • I personally as an asset holder in BURSTeam don't want you to leave because I get a little part of that 2% pool fee. However I'll ask the guys that run pool.burst-team to look at the resource consumption. When we talk about getting paid for mining it almost doesn't matter which pool we choose because our payout is relative to the amount of work we complete. If you are in a pool that hits less blocks that means you are probably doing a larger amount of work and thus your reward on a hit will be greater so your over all take should be the same if we ignore the variance in pool fee and look at a 30+ day run time. I would recommend you try a different miner. Please give JMiner a try for your block finding it should perform a little better too, with your node size being 50TB you are a larger single unit and time is money as they say. On my machine with JMiner I process about 1TB per second. If you need help with JMiner please start a new thread there are many knowledgeable people here.

    Hope this Helps,


  • @marrada You could try a ping and tracert to your pool, then do the same for other pools to see from which you get a better response. You have a fast internet connection it just might be the route from your ISP to the pool might not be the fastest. example ping then tracert (ping tells you how long in milliseconds) (tracert tells you how long between each hop)

  • iKnow0, maybe we are onto something? There is a timeout I see. I got the same for my pool the one you mentioned and google. See screenshot. Question, how do I get this fixed? Contact Verizon? how do I even start that call?

    alt text

  • @marrada the stars just means the device will not give an answer, a firewall or router. Just compare the times of various pools and go for the one with the best response time (lowest) . These values will change, peak internet times are the worst (which is the best time to test because you a looking at the worst case scenario).

  • admin

    @marrada I'm looking at the screen shot you posted. Yes you appear to have a winning 3:05 deadline - one of two things happened:
    a) The pool never got your submission to the pool.
    b) It was a corrupt deadline, but the bad deadline message never got back to you.
    c) The pool accepted your deadline, but the network rejected it.

    Do you get messages about your deadline being really bad ?

    You've wiped out of the screen cap your Burst address - there is no way anyone can go after your account based on your public address, it's only your passphrase you need to keep secure - your Burst address and Numeric address are not reversible. However without one of them I can't check the logs to see what happened with your submission.

  • Hi haitch, thank you for your help. Yes, I guess that was silly. This is my account - BURST-UQUF-FXLJ-VZ49-4WFAF BIGDANZCOINZ. I do get the corrupt messages and are familiar with those but for this one, no I did not get it. I am working on re-plotting 3 of my drives that get this corrupt message. I did miss out on a few wins for that message as well. I have a feeling this particular one was one where if I was watching at the time this happened, if I closed and re-launched, I would have won. Also, is there a way for us to see all of the dealines we submitted online? I know there is the log directory that I have been reviewing and built a reader to read thru all the files and write to my SQL Server for analysis but wanted to see if there was anything else available? I want to catch more of these types of issues to improve on them so nothing gets missed or at least that we do not know about.

  • admin

    @marrada I checked the pool logs, and for block 283120, the pool received only two submitted nonces - the deadlines 503263 and 495702. I see other "really bad" submissions, but not for that block. So I can't say what happened to those submissions, other than they were not received by the pool.

  • @haitch Thank you for checking. Let me ask one more question about this. What exactly do these settings mean? "SendInterval" and "UpdateInterval". I will pursue my own fix for this (write some code in the miner to retry ) unless these settings in the config could delay sending for a few moments (I am aware that I may miss on very short DL's). I am really missing out on some good deadlines. I have to close and re-launch I just did again for one of the last blocks - 283484. I came in second only because I saw that my deadline (00:31:34) did not confirm, closed and restarted, then it sent (late in the run). This is happening all the time and I need to address it some way so when I am sleeping, I can still compete 🙂