Do all Crypto Coin pools work like burst pools?

  • I am using my GPU power to mine Ethereum at the moment. I am connected to nanopool. I finally got my head wrapped around how the Burst coin pools work with their historic shares and whatnot. Does my Ethereum pool pay out in the same manner?


  • @mcchurchmouse nope. for example, in ethermine where our miner is mining, [The pool uses a PPLNS payment scheme where rewards are distributed according to the shares submitted during the last hour.]

    Burst is somewhat unique. It took me a while to understand how the system worked. It needs to calculate the deadlines you have submitted in the last 50 rounds. And if you win, luckily, a block, you gain a very large chunk of Burst.

    Ethereum always calculates the average shares or MH/S you have submitted in the last hour. So eth mining rewards in pool is somewhat straightforward. The more hashing power you have, the more Eth you get

  • @jervis

    Thanks! I guess more research is needed. I usually sell my gpu power to NiceHash but the payouts have been real low the past couple days.