Mining profitability - comparison

  • Hello guys. I am mining with an internal 10 TB SATA hdd ( 1 plot, round time 30 sec ) for about a week now and i noticed in the pool that miners with much less plot sizes are mining more efficiently. The miner does not give any errors, everything is working fine on my end and still someone with only 5 TB plot is doing at least 3x as much as I am. How is this possible? I am using jminer. I can not optimize the plot because I don`t have an extra 10 TB hdd. Is there something else I can do to increase my mining efficiency ?

  • In my opinion, optimizing plot is one of the best way to increase mining efficiency. It increase my reading speed about 2-3 times faster.

    I'm quotes some text from here :
    This is a little bit comparable with disk fragmentation. For that we do after plotting a plot optimization. But i have to say thats the theory. Practically there are user that reports, that after optimization is was faster and the miner has found more and better deadlines, but there are other users that said nothing has changed.

  • instead of having the 10 TB plotted into 1 file try breaking the 10 TB into 20 500gb plots this way your system actually has the chance to read through all of the Plots before the round is up because trying to read a 10 TB plot must be playing hell with your read times and not allowing your system to read all of the plot before being given new work

  • @bandarfjb Unfortunately, I can not optimize it, since I don`t have an extra 10 TB hdd. It seams like the only thing I can do, is to delete the plot file and replot the whole hdd in smaller plots, than to optimize every plot separately. It will be time consuming, but well, if it helps, I will consider doing it. It took me 3 days to plot the 10 TB so I am looking to another 3 maybe 4 days of work :).

  • @Jackk78 How about buying a new HDD? More HDD storage mean more profit too.

  • @bandarfjb 🙂 I know, but it`s not an option right now. I wish I could buy not one more, maybe 5 more. Maybe, in time 🙂 Till than, i will have to do the best I can with what I have right now.

  • @Jackk78 Okay, give it a shot man. Good luck!

  • @bandarfjb Thanks

  • @Jackk78 The plot sizes displayed on the pool's page are not always accurate. I've read on the forum that a guy with e.g. 5TB on the pool could be mining with much more than that in reality (if I remember, this can be caused by mining on different computers at the same time for the same account).
    Also, breaking a big plot into smaller ones will in theory show no clear benefits. Finally, optimizing is a good idea but 30s reading speed is not really a lot. Most of the times, it is recommended to optimize when you take more than 60s to read plots, but of course it won't harm to optimize yours 🙂

    EDIT : last thing to keep in mind is that luck plays a big role, so a guy with less TB can win more blocks than you in a week for example, but in the long run you'll get more coins.

  • @Njcfamily31907 I thought 1 10TB files vs 20 500GB files made no difference on the same drive?

  • @superskid
    What is an optimised plot?
    It is a plot with the stagger size the size of the plot. This means the miner can read the data as it is placed next to each other. It is not a big deal on SSDs, but on a HHD it can make the HHD needle jump from 1 section to the other without having to. Thus increasing seek time.

    If you create 1 optimised plot you are reading from one end to another. While it is doing it will send it finding to the pool.

    If you create 2 optimised plots instead of just one, it is like creating 1 plot with a stagger size half of the size. Imagine only optimising half the plot (Not really, but you get the idea)

    if you are able to, create 1 big plot with a high stagger size it is preferred. Optimising is just making the stagger size as big as it can go.

    Edit: If you are more interested in optimised plots, look in my FAQ section. It got pictures!