High TB on a small pool....

  • Why would you come to a small pool with a high TB capacity when you would probably do better going solo. I just see no point of it and it is giving others in the pool a much less chance of getting a block, I'm not usually one to rant on about anything and this is basically my opinion and to get your guys thoughts. Since joining the .Biz pool most 'high capacity' users where around 40-50TB, This new guy comes in with a whopping 212.5TB and is currently on the 'best miner' list 10 times... Pointless ?

  • I don't really understand your complaint, wouldn't you want big miners to come to the pool you are mining at? so your pool's variance is reduced and you achieve more consistency. Your chance of mining a block is the same regardless of who is also mining at your pool, all that matters is your own HDD capacity.

  • @Snoops As kokojie says you should be pleased to have some larger miners on your pool. He is probably contributing to the Pool more than he is getting out of it. In practice having someone with 200TB join is exactly the same as 4 people with 50TB joining. 🙂


  • @Snoops exactly what they said. i would love to have a high capacity in our pool. Making winning blocks more often. 🙂

  • He's more than welcome to come join us at burstcoin.party 🙂

  • Hi, I never said i was complaining as i said, more about opinions of what people thought about it and that i didn't see a point for it, maybe 'rant' was the wrong word to use as it seems you think i am complaining about it. Like you said maybe it will help the pool, maybe he would be better going solo, to me it just seemed odd.

  • @Snoops I think some people just prefer being on a Pool, income is regular and in some ways easier to get going. Looking at JPV8- history he's been Mining Burst since 2014, has always mined on a Pool and was for a lot of time on the Italian Pools, so I guess he just likes Pool Mining and fancied a change.

    You are lucky to have him as bustcoin.biz blocks are a bit few and far between and he seems to be making a significant contribution. 🙂