Surfbar or mining ?

  • If I am correct, 500GB gives you 65 bursts per day (avg), but using surfbar gives you a lot more then mining. So why do people mine bursts rather then using a surfbar ? Plus, is there any other method to earn bursts ?
    This is my first day, so am completely a novice in this field.

  • @Subodh surfbar is just like a faucet. It's a call-to-arms kind of thing. It may or may not last but it's a good start to boost your burst income. Mining is really what gives you the experience and serious burst income. TBH, if i have less than 500 GB and no plans of buying more capactiy and the Surfbar is running in excellent condition, then just use the surfbar. 🙂

  • Surfbar goes up and down, depending on availability of sites, whereas mining HDD is more consistent. I supplement my mining with surfbar. There is a surfbar addon for Firefox that eliminates framebreaks.

  • Many people have much more than 500GB. I am currently solo mining with ~18TB and expect to win a block every ~1.5 days. A full block pays out ~2635 Burst currently. Besides, without miners there would be no Burst, mining is what moves the block count forward and does the work of putting transactions into blocks and doing the work. So someone has to do the mining or all of Burst would grind to a halt.

  • I do both no reason not too.

  • @Subodh The Trifecta of Burst: Alpha | Kappa | Omega

    There are a lot more ways yet I would start with those three.

  • @queenmountain Will check the addon for firefox out !

  • my firefox addon crashes a lot , then i added the restarter , but id does not work with the username from burstcoinbiz
    you have to type in your username , in my case ( burstcoinbiz.user2974 )
    , then you have to put in a passphrase and then you have to register at the ebesucher site , but then you havent your account logged in

  • @BURSTguy said in Surfbar or mining ?:

    Is the surbar currently paying out? I've had 2,000+ surf point in there for a couple of days now...doesn't seem to be paying out?

    Patience young padawan, sometimes it takes a while but it will be paid eventually (in my case)
    although i don't have surfbar running atm