Some how ended up with an error...

  • Swapped pools to see if I could do better in it than I was in the one I was previously in. When I did that and started mining I ended up getting this error

    WARNING: G:\Burst\plots\1767793996573066214_700000001_7622400_4800 and
    G:\Burst\plots\1767793996573066214_700878401_2048256_5376 are overlapped

    That error was not present before I swapped pools so I'm wondering what I did wrong. Does anyone have any info on what this could be?


  • Just to add to all of this it is still scanning both of my drives completely but giving me that worrying every time. I guess the question is should I be worried about his warning or just continue on like I have been.

  • @Deadhead You can mine with overlapping plots but the part that is overlapped is wasted. If you want to solve this, I am afraid you will have to delete the smallest file and replot. I've never heard of plots overlapping because of a pool swap thought.

  • @Gadrah_ Well it has went from overlapping to now name/size mismatch since I went to work and just getting home to check it. Weird but I'm still turning in some good deadlines and getting some credits back so I will let it ride right now since I'm about to plot another 3TB this weekend and then try and get that one sorted out.

  • I also have no idea why you are getting the warning now and not before, way above my level of knowledge. I know you will be asked whether you plotted using the windows local wallet (the automatic way) or if you were editing your own .bat files and specifying the nonces. If you used the automatic method, again , above my level. If you were doing it manually your two files should read (or could read, depending if you are doing any rounding, so not the only way they could look):


    And the next one would start at 709670657 (707622401+2048256)...

  • @mcchurchmouse I did it all with the AIO setup out of the wallet. Was going to study up this weekend about doing it manually this weekend since I'm so new to all of this.

  • @Deadhead those plots are overlapped. I don't think a pool can change the name. As mcchurchmouse said you need the file to rename the second file to:
    Then you can run PlotsFileChecker.exe and it will validate the file and or truncate it.

  • @CryptoNick Well the overlap issue went away by itself. Not exactly sure how that happened because it did it while I was at work. The error that is coming up now is name/size mismatch

  • @Deadhead The pool has nothing to do with it. It's your plotting procedure that's flawed. Please delete the overlapping smaller plot and replot. But before doing so, you should plotcheck using a plotchecker. Maybe the bigger plot has not finished plotting yet and it was disrupted. It should fix that problem.

  • @jervis Well the overlapping issue is gone. It appeared and disappeared all on its on. I was going to let it ride out the day while I was at work and when I got home to check it everything had went away. The only thing that I'm getting now is a name/size mismatch that I didn't have before.

    Still hitting some good deadlines and making some burst so I'm going to let it ride through the weekend while I plot my other 3TB drive and revisit this issue when I have a little free time this weekend.

    Thanks for all of the help that everyone is providing.

  • @Deadhead You should do a plot check for that name/size mismatch. It's strange because usually errors don't come and go by themselves haha

  • @Gadrah_ Yea that's what I was thinking. I wish I would have gotten a screen shot of everything that went on with my end of things. It was weird to say the least.

  • @Gadrah_ Ran the checker and did have one that needed renamed so that is now fixed. We shall see on this next block if I'm still getting any errors. Everything else seems to be doing just fine though.