Should I be mining more coins than what I'm getting?

  • I'm getting about 300 coins per day with 8TB but when I setup the original largest plot I didn't really understand what the nounce numbers were for is it better to use the first possible nounce numbers rather than some random ones?

  • All nonces are equal so no value in changing your selection. 300 a Day is a little low as an average for 8TB. However variance from Day to Day, will be quite high with 8TB. How manty Days have you checked for, how long are you taking to scan the 8TB and which Pool are you on?


  • Oh ok I just thought that since I'm on a pool the first nounce numbers would be the ones that are mostly mined on so I'd be more likely to win the blocks if I used nounces other people use.

    I'm on I've heard it's meant to be a good pool and it's been going for about a week now on one day I got 2 lots of 300 but that was a once off and every other day it's been 300.

  • @weaveR I hit 3 to 4 blocks a day on that pool. The problem is the shares may get trounced since it goes through sections without finding coins. So you really average worse over time if no blocks are found. I have seen some blocks hit with smaller plots so you should be due!

  • @Colby3316 I'm using a Acer Aspire 5755G laptop with a 8TB hard drive plugged into a usb 3.0 hard drive enclosure plugged into a usb 3.0 port and I'm just using the default miner. I've also plotted the free space internal 1TB hard drive but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    @CryptoNick Yeah like I said I got 300 twice one day that was alright but 300 a day will take so long to make any profit I do get messages however complaining about the plots I'm using but I think that's because I didn't add one number onto the nounce so it's overlapping one nounce but one nounce shouldn't make any difference.

  • @weaveR How fast does your Drive Plot scan for deadlines? Look at the seconds report when finished scanning. Do you use AVX?

    Try to use 1 file for each drive on a plot too. It should fill the drive and better to have no other data on that drive that could fragment the reads. Most likely you have the 8TB fully plotted, just making sure.

    The system drive would be a concern because most laptops swap to the hard drive and that Plot is most likely fragmented. This just effects the read speed though not to say it is corrupt or causes a problem. Laptop drives are notoriously slow though unless you have an SSD then none of this matters.

    Use PlotsChecker.exe to check the plots too. It will rename and truncate any file that is set wrong. Then you can rename so they don't overlap.

  • @CryptoNick No I was just using the default scanner but when I plotted the drive I used my graphics card to do it since it was way faster I just tried AVX and it's scanning much faster now thanks it was like 100 seconds now it's 56 that should help.

    I do have 8tb pretty much fully plotted but I did it by trail and error with the nounces. Since then I've found a calculator.

    The laptop drives just a regular mechanical 1tb drive with a slow rotation speed (5400rpm i think) but when I was using that drive in a enclosure rather than inside the laptop it did 100mbps transfers.

    I downloaded the PlotChecker.exe and I think it renamed some of my plots I'll manually rename too thanks for tips.

  • @weaveR Excellent! Glad you got it worked out. You will hit more deadlines now on quick blocks and get more shares!