[Crowdfund][ANN] Photos for the Community *Royalty Free*

  • Hello,

    I am creating a crowdfund project! This project was created for the community. I will create photos of HDD, electronic items, and other creative photos. The goal of this project is to supply the community with photos which can be used for other projects.

    • All photos will be free for the community to use. Royalty free!

    • I will produce 200 high quality photos for the community. This includes editing photos using Adobe Lightroom and other related software. All photos will remain in Raw format so the community can adjust the photos in case they need special color adjustments for their project. Yet, I'm always around to help. 🙂

    • Photos will be of various things such as hard drives and computer equipment we use to make Burstcoins.

    • I have other ideas I would like to use. Such as using models in different ages, landscapes, and personalities using a computer to mine Burst. Models are not cheap but I will do my best to try and keep it within budget.

    I've attached some concept photos. I did not use my setup, lenses, and or lighting to take these photos so the quality isn't what I can do. But the concept is there and I wanted to show some kind of proof that I am committed to getting this done. One photo was slightly edited because I could not help myself. hehe

    And yes, the iphones will be switched to android phones. xD

    alt text alt text alt text

    alt text alt text alt text

    Name: Crowdfund Photo Project
    Creator: BURST-K4MK-SWC4-F55V-4MS9Y  (Burst Address for the fund)
    Crowdfund Amount: 1,000,000 (1 Million) Burst

  • Crowdfund has started. 🙂


    To find the Crowdfund,

    • Please visit here (please allow the page to load), then do a search for "photo".

    0_1476636562033_Burstcoin Crowdfund search for photo.PNG

    • Once the crowdfund entry is pulled up, click on the Pledge button to donate to the crowdfund.
      0_1476637279110_burstcoin crowdfund pledge button.PNG

  • alt text

  • 5k burst pledged

  • pledged some! Nice project 🙂

  • 10k BURST on its way. We believe in you!!!

  • Thank you everyone. It means a lot to me. 🙂

  • Just pledged 5k. Good luck for your project 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ Thank you!!!!

  • admin

    We could really use these new pictures for the Website and other marketing purposes...