Some Deadlines being "NOT confirmed DL" by pool

  • When I solo mine I don't have this problem, I have never seen a single deadline refused. But when I'm pool mining I get the "NOT confirmed DL" error. I have 18.1 TB and currently am trying the pool. I have checked, most of the time when a deadline is not confirmed I do not show up in the pool rewards table.

    Here is an example from a bit ago, note the rejected deadlines at the same time they are submitted. This is what is still happening and what drove me to solo mine in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. Ignore the red error message, I was still plotting at that time...

  • @mcchurchmouse are you mining on more than one pc?

  • Sorry, but I noticed if I can quickly close the mining window and reopen it it often gets all the deadlines through for that block. Just a note for full information...

  • Nope, just one computer.

  • It just rejected a 53 second block! I had a heart attack! Luckily I restarted the miner and it accepted it that time and I won the block! I need help, both technical and probably mental because I care about this too much!!!!

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    Try a different pool to see if it's a problem with the pool or on your end.

  • @mcchurchmouse You have a corrupted Plot or you are currently plotting a file. I saw this error when I stopped and restarted the miner while I was Plotting. I used to get the DL errors too and it is the way the Plot file is talking to the pool. This all cleared up when I replotted a few drives. Usually you will see really bad deadlines errors too when this happens. I just let the bad deadline error happen and while still on the same block I remove a drive and restart until the really bad deadline error goes away. Then I know which plot is corrupt. Sometimes PlotChecker doesn't know about this and I suspect the pool partially causing this. It was during a fork that this happened to me and my plot kept thinking it was on a different block. And I know burst-team has forked before too.

  • @CryptoNick
    Any idea why solo mining doesn't yield any errors?

  • @mcchurchmouse yep Solo won't error like that since you are not reporting to the pool for your shares.

  • But if I close the miner and reopen during the same block the error normally goes through. I guess its worth a try though. But not tonight... 🙂

    oi vey... what a day. I woke up and my local wallet was not syncing and it took me the better part of 9 hours to get it back up and synced again. And now I have a corrupted plot... And I won 2 blocks while pool mining while fixing my local wallet...

  • @mcchurchmouse It is something with the pool too I am pretty sure, good thing you were watching when you hit those. I try to not restart my miner while plotting just in case it does something to the file while it is in the middle of writing. I have read you can actually mine with it but who knows what kind of havok it causes.

    Yeah I read your other threads, it has been a pretty eventful day for you. You will be a pro now because of it though...

  • @CryptoNick 🙂 Sometimes I can't tell if I'm getting smarter or dumber the more I stare at these screens...