How Green is Burst ?

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    People have been wondering how afforadable/green Burst really is - so I worked the numbers.

    This analysis assumes your PC is on 24*7 - so is the differential between mining and not mining.

    An average HD uses 5W when idle, and 8W when active - so a 3W difference, while mining.

    So, this is where variable1 comes into play - how long do you mine for? Lets go with 30 seconds.

    And there is on average 4 minutes per round - so we use 3 additional watts for 30 second every 4 minutes.

    With a 4 minute average round time we have 15 rounds per hour.

    With 24 hours in a day we have 360 rounds a day.

    Where I am, power is $0.15 per kilowatt hour. (variable 2)

    So we have: 3 watts for 30 seconds per round, or 1.5 Watt/minutes per round.

    Multiply by 15 to get watts per hour: 22.5 Watt/minutes per hour - or 0.375 Watt/hours every hour.

    Multiply by 24 to turn watts/hour -> Watts/day: 9 watt hours/day.

    Divide by 1000 to convert to Kilowatt/hours.: 9 / 1,000 = 0.009

    Multiply by price of Electricity: 0.009 * 0.15 = 0.00135

    So, the cost of mining Burst over just leaving your PC on is 1/10th of a penny per day per drive.

    Green enough for you ?

  • @haitch said:

    n enough for you ?

    Very nice

  • @haitch said:

    Green enough for you ?

    You should use this calculation in promotion as well, as it effectively kills any potential myths about high power usage.

  • @haitch

    awesome info! thank you.

  • A proper selling Point - but then again its not, thought about that a lot.

    1. its very green for mining, compared to mining something else no doubt. But, if youre not a miner doesnt affect you and why shouldnt you care?

    2. Green , I think most People dont care about. Have a look at the world currently. Hardly green parties (thus, voters who Support them) hold 10% and their share on is decreasing, at least when speaking about central Europe, Germany, UK France the leading countries. Others like Poland, Serbia or Spain even less, no green there sorry..

    US, there is no green at all worth mentioning Schwarzenegger maybe. Russia, China, India, Arabia or Africa.. no green at all, sorry. Its a very minority program. Just stating the current state as it is.

    This leading me to the conclusion that the green Argument for Burst could have been used for making it more popular in the past better/more agressive/outspeaking no doubt. Still, looking at the current world Pop. 90%+ dont seem to care about green Topics anyway.

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    @Marc I also GPU mine other altcoins, and they constitute the bulk of my $400-$500 monthly power bill. The 64 or so drives I have mining here ( > 400TB) contribute $2.67/month towards my electricity bill. It's not specifically about being "Green", it's that Burst is much more cost effective than ANY other GPU mined coin.

  • @haitch Thats a completly different Topic.

    In the end, you dont do it because its "green" - aka enviromentally friendly, but you do it because its cost effective, at least compared to the other mining Options currently out there. Dont get me wrong, nothing wrong with that. But your Basic Motivation (as well as mine and others) in the end is ROI and NOT green. Were all out there to make Money in the end in the current System one way or another because 1. the System tells us to do so and to be as most efficient as we can be, 2. all we are to small to Change the System within a usefull time Frame (which is max. our own lifetime), and 3. there has to be Food on the table for us and our loved ones.

    "Green" currently is just another term for "long term" - which only the Elite can afford. 90%+ of the world Pop. currently is stuck with very smaller aims and Targets for one or another reason, thinking about how to pay their next electricity bill or the next payback for their Student/house loan - if your not unemploid, refugee or got shafted during the last eco bubble now living on social welfare on way or another lol.

  • To give a real life example:

    Everyone of us has experienced the Situation of buying a car or some brother/friend etc. buying one.

    Now, if your 18 and got no Money, question is how much can I afford to buy some cheap shit taking me to uni/bars etc. w/o the car breaking down completely during the next 2 years.

    Now, if your 18 and got some Money, question is how much will it cost me to buy some fancy car helping me picking up some chicks for nice fucks etc.

    Now, if your midaged and older, question is do I Need a Van, SUV for the kids, whats the real % loan cost /year, how much Diesel/100km etc.

    Now, if your real old around 70 and can afford it, know that People personally, question is, im looking to buy a Porsche for 100K because I dont care and can afford but only want to spend 70, whats your best offer?

    NEVER I have met People during the last 30 years looking to buy a car but telling oh well, this car Looks nice, but how much NOX is it going to emit? Never.

    This leads me to conclusion that in fact nobody gives sheet about green.

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    @Marc With the car analogy, people may not consider it a green factor, but they'll looking at "what are going to be the running costs of this car?", hence the increase in electric/hybrid vehicle sales and a corresponding decrease in sales of gas guzzlers. They're thinking self interest, but it has a green effect.

  • @haitch Its a green factor no doubt, but Motivation of People choosing to do so in first place is not out of enviromental/altruistic reasons, but solely of economic/individual gain reasons, thats what I was trying to Point out - in the end just because the System were all living in Forces/tells us to do so.

    Apart that, green over here in Europe is imo a good 10-15 years ahead of what green means over there in the US. Trump declining and all that. Germany eg. has decided to become a 100% renewable energy Country come 2025-30 the likes, no more coal gas or nuclear energy thats HUGE Change. Its only 80 Mio. Pop right but the leading economical force in the European Union currently. Others will follow.

    "Green" Parties over here in Europe also have mixed up with different aims like fem rights, refugees rights and their stand on Immigration etc. despite from solely green topics but going into this further would burst this thread 100% lol.

  • @Marc Bitcoin has been greatly criticized by mainstream medias for the energy wasted by its miners. The sole fact that Burst is "green" may not be important for the average user, but it is reinforcing the idea that this currency is next-gen and helps solving key issues (I don't know where you live but here in France the environmental topic is an omnipresent public debate).
    Being green is just part of the uniqueness of the coin and gives it a better overall image, while suppressing a weakness shared by traditionnal PoW coins 🙂

    So I think being green is a very important "feature", and it will be more and more important in the coming years as environmental issues will be more and more concerning.