Overlapping on Plots

  • If this has already been discussed in a thread please post it in a reply so I can read it. I have 8 drives just finished plotting the last one and one drive is overlapping with another is there a way to fix this? or do i have to delete the plot and replot one of the drives. Also why does this happen? it isnt the first time its happened to me either. I'm mining while plotting so idk if that has an effect or not.

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    Are you using the win client?
    Make sure that you plot on different drive letters. The drive letter will make sure you won't have overlapped plots.

    For example don't change your HDD and always plot on D:\ . That will give you the same plot file over and over again.

  • @daWallet Yea i hear what ur saying. I just plot using the start plot button on the wallet. I dont change the letters for the drives. I dont get why this happens and has happened twice to me. Im mining with it overlapping, is that bad? Also is there anyway to fix it or I have to delete one of the overlapped plots and replot?

  • @mrusso I had this happen on my first plots. I changed the very first number after my mining reward number. 10000000001_ to 200000000001. It worked but I think I might be using the same nonces as I get the same deadlines on different computers for the same wallet. So I would suggest hooking up all drives that are to be on the same computer and wallet and start mining. Then use the Plot Files utility when mining so the file will correspond to those drives.

    You would have to use a different starting number than the other drives use too.

    I have 2 systems and I plot and mine on both at the same time but with the same wallet. I had thought that nonces are just a bunch of lottery tickets and you just need them to not overlap. Well this could be wrong and you may need them to be sequential to each other. I am still learning myself. I may have to replot 40TB but I am getting 2-4 blocks a day at my pool so I am debating on starting over.

  • https://github.com/Blagodarenko/PlotsChecker/releases/download/1.0/PlotsChecker.exe

    Get this and run the plot checker and it should clear up you problem. Super easy to use.

  • @Deadhead Overlap is different than PlotsChecker when they are on different drives.

  • @CryptoNick I see I see. I skipped over the part where it says that it is 2 different drives overlapping each other. Guess that is what I get for reading to fast.

  • @Deadhead PlotsChecker is a great tool though so thanks for the link!

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    @CryptoNick you trick the miner with changing the filename. The miner won't show you an error but the file content is still the same (duplicate). You are wasting space here reading the same plot twice.

  • @daWallet so delete plot and replot?