Tracking Transactions

  • This is question that I should know the answer too but I don't. I'm hoping we can get a solid answer with step by step instructions and then create a "pinned" answer. I see this often asked. Where are my burst coins. If I have the transaction id how can I find the status. Let me give you my example.

    Complete BURST 33671.00000000
    2016-10-16 15:55:35
    Txid: 14375935014108492971

    The above represents a withdraw from Poloniex to the IBMining wallet so that I can do dividends. However as per normal funds do not show up in the time frame expected. We used to be able to go to http://burstcoin/biz/<transaction#> but this now forwards me to the block chain data.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Poloniex seems to be having problems with the latency of their wallet. I have similar issues to you when I either withdraw or deposit. It takes a good hour and a half for anything to update.

  • It takes 6 hours last night for me. It was horrendous. Anyways, I really hope Burst devs can talk to Polo and do something about their wallets or whatever could be done to ease the pains of the community using their services.