Idea for pools

  • Right now all the pools people just just set the reward to the pool and start mining on the pool. But i got thinking if a pool has 100 people mining on it how much overlap is in the pool.
    So I thought if a pool with the same 100 people mining but told the the pool i can do a plot of this size and the pool told them the plot specs to do so the pool had no overlap, would that pool get more mined coins.

  • I don't think it has effect. The overlapping problem is only on your computer, not the pool's.

  • To me its more simple. We are all solo mining but in a group that shares rewards.

  • @tross said in Idea for pools:

    To me its more simple. We are all solo mining but in a group that shares rewards.

    I get that. But lets say me and you where the only two in the pool and we compared plot files and found out that 5% of out combined hdd space used for plots was overlapped, So we then redid our plots so me and you had no overlap at all our pool would be more efficient and get more blocks mined.

  • Overlapping plots is only a problem individually, a second persons account number makes for a different set of plots.

    However the more optimized and efficient each miner the better the pool will perform

  • @crutsy so if miner one and miner two have nouce 0 to 1000 the account id would give each person diffrent deadlines for the same block. So the account id kind of makes the nouces random

  • Yes sir you got it.

    There is an endless number of accounts available.

  • see below. its not possible to overlap because it uses your AccountID + Nonce rather than just Nonce's to calculate your shares.