How to plot hdd's some/specific space in mac

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    I'm very new and using mac mini late 2014.
    I got local wallet, I've setup, set web burst wallet for my pool

    But confused in ploting my hdd's some space. Please help me to plot. Thanks in advance.

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    @robert Take a look at this link to see if it helps:

  • Hi @haitch Thanks for reaply. Yes I've check out those and end up with "mjminer 1.1" I've compiled it.
    I want a test with 100GB so that I put command like bellow

    ./plot -k 689191891761033001 -d /Volumes/ArchiveRB/plots -s 0 -n 100G

    The number(-k) is my numeric ID, -d is where I like to save my plot file, -s 0 because this is the first plot, -n how much I like to plot. I might missing something there. Because it's thronging error like
    "Using original algorithm (no SSE4, no AVX2).
    Floating point exception: 8"
    Please help.

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    @robert As far as I know Exception 8 is either a division by zero, or a long int overflow. Double check the parameters you're entering and make sure the switches are what the plotter is expecting. I've never used the Mac plotter, so can't advise you directly how to do it.


  • Thanks @haitch, I'll try. If I found a way out then I'll write here down. It's looks I need a Windows machine to check and test.
    Best Regards.

  • @robert the problem in the command is the amount of nonces that you want to plot. for 100GB the command should be like this:

    ./plot -k 689191891761033001 -d /Volumes/ArchiveRB/plots -s 0 -n 381469

    You have to convert the space that you want to use for burstmining to nonces
    use this link to do it

    after that, sit and wait. I did that same command on my mac and it took almos 4 hrs to plot that amount.